BMW E63 645CI with Eisenmann exhaust

BMW E63 645CI with 4 pipe Eisenmann sportExhaust in M6 look 4X83MM tailpipes

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BMW E92 335i vs BMW E64 650i (2010.06.09)

BMW E63 650i X-pipe
Exhaust modification on my 650i, removed the two center resonators, and welded in some straight pipe with X-pipe. Sounds fantastic, no drone, no noise inside, great for every day driving.. much better than stock. thanks to Autopia Garage for the hard work

BMW E63 630i - Start up and a look around
This is the last time I filmed my modified 630i before I sold it in June 2012. Now I have an e63 M6 but I will certainly miss this car as I put quite an effort into it. Exhausts are custom made by Torqueflow in Birmingham. Thanks