Yamaha FJR1300AE Introduction

2006 Yamaha FJR1300AE Electric Shift Farkles: Corbin Seat, Corbin Smuggler Trunk, Motovation Sliders and Bar Ends, Grip Puppies, Movie Camera Mount. Side bags removed. Braking: Powerful ABS - Incredible stopping power Engine: Huge torque, smooth at all RPMS Transmission: Electric Shift works well Handling: Stable and predictable - No quirks Styling: Like a FA-18 jet-fighter Speed: Cruises rock solid at speed on interstate highways - Excellent for Sport Touring Weaknesses: Heavyweight - 680 lbs. Hard to muscle around with no engine power. Overall Rating: 5 Stars Recommendation: Not for beginners.

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FJR Clutchless Shifter Demo
This is a demo of how I shift my FJR1300AE. It has no clutch... you still have to shift, but the bike has an automatic clutch. There is a thumb button for downshifting, but I find it more convenient to use my index finger.

The Long-Distance Motorcycle
The basics of equipping a motorcycle for long-distance riding and rallying.

Clutchless Shifting On a Sport Tourer
MPN Magazine needed a Rider's Impression video to show off Yamaha's FJR1300AE. Index finger left hand is upshift. Thumb left hand is downshift. Blipping throttle for matching revs was quite intuitive. Great bike with a lot of early quirks ironed out. I will admit that I was skeptical, but this video clip was footage grabbed after just 10 minutes riding through downtown San Diego. Initial impression was quite good, but more seat time is needed for proper evaluation.