SIROTA 1200 ute Burnout @ Rotary summerdrags NZ

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4 and Rotary nationals 2009 6th gear burnout DX
Toyota DX 13b J port , 6 speed altezza gbox winning skid at burnout comp 25 January 2009

Datsun 1200 ute powered by an LS1 burnout at Supernats 2009
Awesome datsun 1200 ute powered by an LS1 V8 doing a huge burnout at Supernats 2009

2 door 323 wagon burnout @ Rotary summerdrag 2010 NZ
I think this is the winning skid for rotary summerdrags 2010 @ meremere

WARD17 RX3 Burnout @ Rotary Summerdrags NZ
RX3 coupe meremere NZ