Mid-Ohio close call

1 lap of Mid-Ohio Sportscar Course. Following behind another Boxster which spun at turn 12.

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Hurley Haywood Describes Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course
Sports car legend Hurley Haywood discusses the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course. Video includes a lap of the track.

IndyCar 2013: Round 14 Mid-Ohio [Full]
This was a great great race. I won't say more. Enjoy.

Boxster Vs. GTI
Boxster Vs. a lighty modded GTI

Indycar Dallara @ Mid Ohio Race, iRacing
First race in Mid Ohio. For some reason, sound lags a bit on this video... But animated drivers arms, how neat is that eventhough they are not finished yet! Talking about adding realism. ^^ I have a promotional codes for new members. If you are interested in iRacing, PM me :)