1996 Mercury Cougar V8 doughnuts

FOLLOW ME: twitter.com/billdote My buddy Jake doing some dough nuts in a parking lot at the back of a local High School in his 1996 V8 Cougar.

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My 1996 Mercury Cougar
my Baby

**SPOILERS** Halo 3 Ending AFTER Credits **SPOILERS**
FOLLOW ME: twitter.com/billdote **MAJOR SPOILERS** NOTE: There are TWO parts to this ending, this is the first part, there's like a 10 second part after this once you beat it on legendary. DO NOT WATCH IF YOU DO NOT WANT THE ENDING SPOILED. This is NOT fake, this has been uploaded due to popular request. This is AFTER the credits. I finished it on NORMAL also proving that you don't need to finish it on legendary in order to get this part of the ending after the credits. Enjoy.

Mercury Cougar 4.6 -no mufflers
Before and After video when I cutted my two mufflers on my Mercury cougar. Straight pipes.

why would you put true dual on a car, then turn around and route it straight into single? here we soundly rectify this slight oversight on Ford's part,,