1985 olds 442 with 455 pt2

this is my 85 olds 442 with a 455 in it i figured it take some videos and put em up on youtube

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Olds 442 & Dodge Charger
1985 Olds. 442 & 1969 Dodge Charger playin around. UNPLUGGED (Open headers)

Olds 442 with a 455
my old 442 idling and reving at kutztown university the night before i traded her for a wrangler and crotch rocket

442 Goin ham
CHECK OUT LASTEST VIDEO....search....SS Monte carlo stunt sunday The Yellow one.

1985 oldsmobile 442 with flowmaster 40s
*-EXCUSE THE CRAPPINESS OF THE CAMERA'S AUDIO PLEASE!!-* It's a stock 307 with the original 4bbl carb. Oldsmobile lied about the dual Exhaust, as it flows through one catyletic convertor and out to two tips. Mufflers are probably as old as the car. The tubing was replaced 3 days ago with new chrome tips added ($20 each tip). It sounds bad ass now, but thinkin bout straight-piping it by taking off the mufflers and running just the catyletic converter. It would be 50% louder. These engines are low compression, so it's not as loud as, say, a new Daytona Charger like mine would sound with these mufflers and no resonators.