1990 GMC Safari Burnout

Taking my moms van out for a little fun before its sent to the auto wreckers, after 22 years of faithful service it is no longer practical to keep it. It will be missed.

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V8 GMC safari burnout
This is my 1992 gmc safari with a built 350 T.P.I v8 doing a nice tire-shredding burnout at State park (wausau wi)speedway's eve of destruction.I forgot to unplug abs, thats why I couldnt stay in one place.

GMC Safari Mini Van 4chan PARTY VAN for sale!
Video tour of a GMC Safari PARTY VAN for sale! 4chan and Anonymous members get 10% off!

Custom Astro van escalade platinum conversation
Chevy astro escalade platinum conversation

safari GMC Van Olive Drab Green Hot Rod Flatz
1995 GMC Safari van colored with Olive Drab Green hot rod flatz. Came out perfect. Thanks to Dreamshield auto body and paint.Edelbrock Muffler, Tail lights and some front lights were smoked, Carbon Fiber hood, Black Rims, Fronts are smaller tires and back is as big as you can get it. But the funnies thing is this the the Wifes van.