Infinity G37 Twin Turbo Kit Install from Nelson Racing Engines. Tom Nelson. G37 Twin Turbo.

Check out this beautiful Infinity. Beautiful, reliable, and fast. Tom Nelson takes us for a ride. More info at and Also go to

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2012 Infinity G37 IPL Twin Turbo - 509hp/418tq - English Racing
Customer brought in his new 2012 Infinity G37 IPL with the GTM Twin turbo Kit for us to install. English Racing Test Pipes with NO TUNE. Pulled out 509hp/418tq

1700 HP Twin Turbo Corvette Street Test! Nelson Racing Engines. Patented Mirror Image Turbo.
Tom takes this Corvette on a shake down cruise and has fun doing so. He has been off the street for nearly 7 months after his accident in Iceland. Join Tom and Scott for another excellent adventure. Thanks for watching. This is NRE TV Episode 257. BigJackturbo uploads new videos every other Friday at about 11:30 AM PT. Please Subscribe to BigJackturbo by clicking here: To subscribe to BigJackturbo on Google Plus click: To find out more about Nelson Racing Engines click: To bring your Story to the World click: Veritas Movie Studio is a media production company.

Infiniti G37 - Before/After Part out and Removing Parts
1) Before part out :00 - 1:14 2) After part out: 1:15 - 1:38 3) Remove AG Wheels / H&R spacers: 1:39 - 4:21 (20x) 4) Remove OG Carbon Splitters and Top Secret Style Diffuser: 4:22 - 5:41 (10x) 5) Remove IPL Bumper / Install Sport Bumper / Swap Washer Tank: 5:43 - 10:57 (10x) Mirror Room - Mathbonus Spontaneity (Instrumental) - Bahamadia

How to Install Dual Intake on 350Z, 370Z and G37
Looking for a more aggressive Exhaust note on your Nissan/Infiniti coupe? The best place to start may be the intake! This video covers every step as we install a JWT pop-charger on the 2008 350Z. First Impressions ----------------------------------- This may be one of my favorite mods to date. The Jim Wolf Technology pop-charger system added a whole new personality to the Z. When I first pulled out of the driveway I noticed a slightly louder sound but nothing too crazy. The first time I laid into the gas I almost fainted. The sound with the JWT pop-charger is just phenomenal as you heard in the video. As with most intakes, the sound difference is most noticeable at wide-open throttle (WOT). What You'll Need ----------------------------------- Dual Intake for 350Z/G35/G37: There are a number of options here. I ended up choosing the dual pop-charger from Jim Wolf Technology. Basic Hand Tools: Ratchet, sockets, and screwdrivers are required. Box wrenches make heat shield and radiator mounts installation easier. Drill and 5.5mm (7/32") Bit: Used to install heat shield brackets. Gloves: Highly recommended when installing rubber edge trim on heat shields.. Applications ----------------------------------- This video applies directly to the 2007+ Z cars (VQ35HR engine) as well as the 2007+ G35 Sedans and the latest G37 coupes (VQ37HR engine). All of these vehicles have a dual intake arrangement. The install should be similar (just one less intake) on earlier 350Zs and Infinitis with the VQ35DE engines.