Ford FPV F6 Typhoon (Stock) 0-100kph

0-100 kph run of my stock F6 Typhoon.

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Fpv Typhoon vs Hsv R8
F6 typhoon vs HSV r8. This is for all you V8 lovers... ;) Friday cruise night...!

FPV F6 0-100 ----- Cant put the power down !
Another Video of my F6 , Up to street tune, gives it more power and torque - New Intercooler and twin bosch Fuel pump + Surge being fitted soon, then back to the drags hoping for a low 11 sec pass....

FPV F6 Stock vs FPV F6 420rwkw Turbo 4L Inline 6 Cylinder
Mate vs mate stock 250ish rwkw vs 420rwkw Same as XR6 turbo Had to back off a bit because of wheelspin in second video

Top Gear Australia Ford FPV F6 vs Holden HSV Clubsport