MazdaSpeed 6 vs. Foxbody 5.0

Speed 6 gets the jump on the Foxbody. Mazda has CAI and Testback Exhaust. Mustang has Intake, cams, and Exhaust.

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Mazda Speed 3 vs Foxbody 5.0
modded mazda speed 3 vs carbed 5.0 foxbody hatch (for sale) mazda modded intake Exhaust turbo

MazdaSpeed 6 Vs Evo 8
Apparently the two previous runs he was starting in 4th. This time he properly brake Boosted .. he started to pull away in 5th and then I let off at about 120....we're gonna get a decent run in again...i know hell pull me up top because of his cams but we shall see!

mazdaspeed 6 vs 5.0L mustang
mazdaspeed 6 ---94oct. k and n drop in filter, turbo smart bov------ 5.0L stock 5 speed

6 MPS vs Mclaren 650 S
11.95@198km/h at Tarlton (5500ft Altitude) unprepped track and full street trim. Uncorrected times.