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EX-AC TRANSIT 1972 GMC "New look" T6H-5307N

POWERED BY DD6V71 AND 2 SPEED ALLISON. THIS BUS IS OWNED BY www.rts-regionaltransitservice.com.


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MEHVA Fall Foliage Tour; A ride on Ex Seattle Transit System 1968 GMC Fishbowl 724
One word! Wow! This bus ran immaculate for being 45 years old! Much better than ANY of the new crap. The Screamin' Jimmy sounds incredible. Enjoy as we take a ride from Downtown Seattle to Black Diamond via some of the best back roads of King County. Detroit Diesel 8v71 Allison VS2-8 Jake Brake

Pacific Bus Museum Bus 517 drives to Niles
Driving the Niles Coach Lines bus no. 517 to Niles,CA deadhead from the yard. This is a 1957 GM TDH-4801 with a Detroit Diesel 6-71 and 2 speed Hydromatic transmission, owned by the Pacific Bus Museum and operated by American Stage Tours. Its is in service for the Niles Canyon Railway Train of Lights. Sometimes difficult to get into gear( had to shut down engines and restart in gear)

GM New Look Fishbowl Bus Rides at the Seashore Trolley museum
Seashore trolley Museum Transit Day 2009 A ride on several GM Fishbowl New Look buses running at the Seashore Trolley Museum in Maine

99 Bayfair AC Transit Bus Ride [Bus # 5046]
Line 99 From Fremont ro Bayfair Station, Vanhool

Beaver Bus Lines GM New Look Suburban
Go for a spin around the streets of Winnipeg on a 1960 GM New Look. We start off in the wash rack at the Fort Rouge Transit Base. Then we cross over the Provencher Bridge to the city's French Quarter (Saint Boniface) where we make a quick stop at Robin's Donuts. At the end of the trip, I get a feel for what it's like to drive a bus. Quite different from operating a streetcar. Now I know how it felt for streetcar operators to transition over to buses during the post-war era. Thanks to the MTHA for taking their time to organize this trip.

Historic GM Baby New Look FIshbowl Bus
Ex Stratford Historic Bus

Bay Area Transit PART I - Golden Gate - Muni - VTA - SamTrans - AC Transit - Early 80's footage
How do you handle the daily situations that manifest on your bus? I bet there's 'Never a Dull Moment" when you're on the streets of the Bay Area

1969 General Motors T6H-4521 New Look #22 Ex-ETS Part 1 of 2
#22 is a 1969 General Motors T6H-4521 35 foot long New Look bus, originally belonging to Edmonton Transit System as #22, it was retired in 1998 and restored by a private owner in Calgary some years later. This video was taken in March 2008, age 39 for the bus! See the Detroit Diesel 6V71N come to life from a cold start in this video, PART 1 OF 2, part 2 is an interior video.

210 AC Transit Bus Ride [Bus # 4076]

1984 GM Classic New Look Detroit 6V92TA Cold Start
First snowfall of the season on a cool fall morning. Attempting to start a 1984 GM Classic New Look transit bus.

Toronto TTC Bus In Ireland GM New Look Fishbowl Bus
Former Toronto Transit Commission TTC Bus 2290 was saved from the scrapper's torch and is preserved by a group of bus enthusiasts from Ireland. Here you can see the GM New Look bus drive through the Irish countryside and stop along the way for some fuel.


1959 gmc fishbowl bus Dec 4 2013

Altoona GMC New Look 175
Watch as you take a ride inside a GMC New Look from Altoona PA. This bus is doing a school tripper off road to the school.

Ex AC Transit GM New Look # 942
3/19/2011 this video was filmed on. Engine Detroit Diesel 6V71N with a Allison VS-2 Transmission.

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