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EX-AC TRANSIT 1972 GMC "New look" T6H-5307N

POWERED BY DD6V71 AND 2 SPEED ALLISON. THIS BUS IS OWNED BY www.rts-regionaltransitservice.com.


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1984 GM Classic New Look Detroit 6V92TA Cold Start
First snowfall of the season on a cool fall morning. Attempting to start a 1984 GM Classic New Look transit bus.

Pacific Bus Museum Bus 517 drives to Niles
Driving the Niles Coach Lines bus no. 517 to Niles,CA deadhead from the yard. This is a 1957 GM TDH-4801 with a Detroit Diesel 6-71 and 2 speed Hydromatic transmission, owned by the Pacific Bus Museum and operated by American Stage Tours. Its is in service for the Niles Canyon Railway Train of Lights. Sometimes difficult to get into gear( had to shut down engines and restart in gear)

TTC "Farewell To The GMC Fishbowl" Charter [Day] - Up The Don Valley Parkway | HD 1080i
The final leg of the Toronto Transportation Society's (TTS) "Farewell To The GMC Fishbowl" day charter which took place on November 5th, 2011 - a ride aboard 1982 Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) GM T6H-5307N New Look #2316, following unit #2326 up the usually crowded Don Valley Parkway and onto Highway 401 en route back to our pick-up/drop-off location at Lawrence West Station. We entered the Don Valley Parkway via an on-ramp connecting to Concorde Gate (Concorde Place) and Wynford Drive. December 16, 2012 marks the one year anniversary of the final day of revenue service for the TTC's GM "Fishbowl" buses. Unofficially, the last route these buses operated on was 52 Lawrence West with the final 5 units being #2281, #2286, #2290, #2444, and #2855. #2281 was the last GM to be pulled from service - as it finished its final run on route 52 (it was the last GM in service on the 52), it transferred onto the route "1S" Yonge Subway Shuttle, a subway shuttle bus service replacing subway service along Yonge Street due to extensive late-night track repairs. Route 1S Yonge Subway Shuttle was therefore officially the last route to see these buses (or in this case one bus) in operation. It completed its final run at approximately 2:15 AM and deadheaded back to Mount Dennis Division for one last time. Two buses are to be preserved as part of a historical fleet with sources hinting at units #2252 and #2302.

Beaver Bus Lines GM New Look Suburban
Go for a spin around the streets of Winnipeg on a 1960 GM New Look. We start off in the wash rack at the Fort Rouge Transit Base. Then we cross over the Provencher Bridge to the city's French Quarter (Saint Boniface) where we make a quick stop at Robin's Donuts. At the end of the trip, I get a feel for what it's like to drive a bus. Quite different from operating a streetcar. Now I know how it felt for streetcar operators to transition over to buses during the post-war era. Thanks to the MTHA for taking their time to organize this trip.

EX AC Transit GMC NEW LOOK 942

GM New Look Fishbowl Transit Bus 8202 ex Sherbrooke Fishbowl Bus
8202 is a 1982 GM New Look bus owned by a private group of bus enthusiasts in the Trois-Rivieres, Quebec area. New Look bus 8202 orginally hailed from Sherbrooke, Quebec and was later sold to STO of Gatineau, Quebec. The bus, after retirement was lovingly restored and is preserved for future generations to enjoy. We see GM New Look 8202 in a few different scenes in beautiful Trois-Rivieres Quebec. The fishbowl bus is tested out on the racetrack at top speed, and is seen on the streets of the downtown area, where a bus full of happy enthusiasts can be heard laughing and singing as the public on the streets wave and gawk at the beautiful 'fishbowl' bus.

A Ride Around On A 1979 MCI MC9!!!!
This was a real treat for me as I, a fan of MCI's have NEVER been on a 8V71 bus before! And a MC9 to top it off!!! We were in Lakewood, NJ at the Bus Museum when the owner of this MCI was going on a pizza run, that's when we were invited to tag along on this beast!! And MAN what a beast she was! The 1st part takes us to Pizza Hut, messing with the transmission and beyond, hearing the reactions from people! The 2nd part is more laid back, as we just enjoyed the ride on this classic! It was cut short at the end cuz of some things that were said that woulda been inappropriate for YT!! Do not want no drama! Anyways, enjoy the ride!

Riding a 1971 GM New Look Fishbowl bus through Midtown
We are now riding up 8th Avenue in Golden Gate Transit 1971 GMC New Look Fishbowl 778. We previously saw this bus on Staten Island back in October as well as earlier tonight on 23rd Street off of 6th Avenue. This bus is a model T8H-5305A and has suburban style high back seating, as opposed to city style seats, but is still a transit bus. This bus is privately used by CJ Transportation. I like how the Golden Gate Transit paint scheme has been retained, as well as the original motor. The motor is the original Detroit Diesel 8V71 with a hydraulic automatic transmission, and has been meticulously restored and sounds fantastic. The seats are original and still recline. Check out the route that is seen outside when we get out: BART. This bus will take you to a BART Station. It might take a few days, but it can happen. Another note about this bus is that its top speed is 80 MPH. The governor was tweaked so that it can top out at 80 as opposed to 55. Enjoy the inside of this bus, as well as the exterior and the classic noise of a Detroit Diesel engine as it accelerates away from us at 48th Street and 8th Avenue. This bus is available for rentals and can be brought to any bus fan destination. The rates are reasonable and the owner is a very nice person. If you would like to inquire, call CJ Transportation at 718-285-5008 and ask for Cornelius, the owner. If you have any questions about the video, feel free to message me. Comments are welcome. The video was taken on February 11th, 2012.

Montreal Historic Buses GM New Look "Fishbowl" 33-008 GM Classic 55-001 and GM New Look 14-008
Here are some clips from the Bus History Association's June 2013 convention in Montreal, Quebec. Featured are three of the historic buses, including 1983 GM New Look "Fishbowl" 33-008, 1985 GM Classic 55-001 and 1973 New Look "Fishbowl" 14-008.

Calgary Transit *SPECIAL!!!*: CTHF GM New Look Charter (09/14/2013)(Bus #1156)(HD)
Seen in this long video montage is lots of on board footage and photos taken on the Calgary Transit GM New Look Farewell Charter held by the CTHF on September 14, 2013, using 1982 GM T6H-5307N New Look #1156. This was an AWESOME sounding bus. The charter started at Rundle station, making photo stops around the area, the downtown core, and West LRT stations, taking us on a tour of the Spring Gardens transit garage at the end. Specs: Detroit Diesel 6V71N Allison V730

Well folks close your eyes sit back and enjoy the trip while at home..

4107 - G.M.C. New Look bus former Coast Mountain Bus Co., Vancouver, BC
4107 ride-along

GMC transit bus
Inside the 1971 GMC Transit bus. The controls were not what I was used to, as I had only driven newer stuff at the time. These buses sure are a lot of fun!

Toronto TTC Bus In Ireland GM New Look Fishbowl Bus
Former Toronto Transit Commission TTC Bus 2290 was saved from the scrapper's torch and is preserved by a group of bus enthusiasts from Ireland. Here you can see the GM New Look bus drive through the Irish countryside and stop along the way for some fuel.

A former Golden Gate Transit 1971 GMC Fishbowl on Staten Island
We are in front of the Clifton Shops on Staten Island, where we first see a train of SIR MUE-2's as they depart Clifton Station and head for St. George. Once the train departs, we focus our attention on former Golden Gate Transit 1971 GMC New Look Fishbowl 778. This bus is a model T8H-5305A and has suburban style high back seating, as opposed to city style seats, but is still a transit bus. This bus is privately used by CJ Transportation. I like how the Golden Gate Transit paint scheme has been retained, but outside of that, I am not sure if the bus has been altered in any way. Enjoy the sight of this old bus. If you have any questions about the video, feel free to message me. Comments are welcome. The video was taken on October 24th, 2011.

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