EX-AC TRANSIT 1972 GMC "New look" T6H-5307N

POWERED BY DD6V71 AND 2 SPEED ALLISON. THIS BUS IS OWNED BY www.rts-regionaltransitservice.com.

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Riding a 1971 GM New Look Fishbowl bus through Midtown
We are now riding up 8th Avenue in Golden Gate Transit 1971 GMC New Look Fishbowl 778. We previously saw this bus on Staten Island back in October as well as earlier tonight on 23rd Street off of 6th Avenue. This bus is a model T8H-5305A and has suburban style high back seating, as opposed to city style seats, but is still a transit bus. This bus is privately used by CJ Transportation. I like how the Golden Gate Transit paint scheme has been retained, as well as the original motor. The motor is the original Detroit Diesel 8V71 with a hydraulic automatic transmission, and has been meticulously restored and sounds fantastic. The seats are original and still recline. Check out the route that is seen outside when we get out: BART. This bus will take you to a BART Station. It might take a few days, but it can happen. Another note about this bus is that its top speed is 80 MPH. The governor was tweaked so that it can top out at 80 as opposed to 55. Enjoy the inside of this bus, as well as the exterior and the classic noise of a Detroit Diesel engine as it accelerates away from us at 48th Street and 8th Avenue. This bus is available for rentals and can be brought to any bus fan destination. The rates are reasonable and the owner is a very nice person. If you would like to inquire, call CJ Transportation at 718-285-5008 and ask for Cornelius, the owner. If you have any questions about the video, feel free to message me. Comments are welcome. The video was taken on February 11th, 2012.


Ride on 1959 GM Old Look
A ride on Frank LePera's 1959 GM Old Look 30 foot "Davy Crockett" bus along State Road and River Road in Bucks County. This joy ride was driven by two SEPTA Operators during the 2012 SEPTA Bus Roadeo with instruction from Frank. This bus is not a PTC original. Powered by a Detroit Diesel 6V71 with a two speed automatic transmission.

Toronto TTC Bus In Ireland GM New Look Fishbowl Bus
Former Toronto Transit Commission TTC Bus 2290 was saved from the scrapper's torch and is preserved by a group of bus enthusiasts from Ireland. Here you can see the GM New Look bus drive through the Irish countryside and stop along the way for some fuel.