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EX-AC TRANSIT 1972 GMC "New look" T6H-5307N

POWERED BY DD6V71 AND 2 SPEED ALLISON. THIS BUS IS OWNED BY www.rts-regionaltransitservice.com.


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Pacific Bus Museum Bus 517 drives to Niles
Driving the Niles Coach Lines bus no. 517 to Niles,CA deadhead from the yard. This is a 1957 GM TDH-4801 with a Detroit Diesel 6-71 and 2 speed Hydromatic transmission, owned by the Pacific Bus Museum and operated by American Stage Tours. Its is in service for the Niles Canyon Railway Train of Lights. Sometimes difficult to get into gear( had to shut down engines and restart in gear)

Calgary Transit *SPECIAL!!!*: CTHF GM New Look Charter (09/14/2013)(Bus #1156)(HD)
Seen in this long video montage is lots of on board footage and photos taken on the Calgary Transit GM New Look Farewell Charter held by the CTHF on September 14, 2013, using 1982 GM T6H-5307N New Look #1156. This was an AWESOME sounding bus. The charter started at Rundle station, making photo stops around the area, the downtown core, and West LRT stations, taking us on a tour of the Spring Gardens transit garage at the end. Specs: Detroit Diesel 6V71N Allison V730


Beaver Bus Lines GM New Look Suburban
Go for a spin around the streets of Winnipeg on a 1960 GM New Look. We start off in the wash rack at the Fort Rouge Transit Base. Then we cross over the Provencher Bridge to the city's French Quarter (Saint Boniface) where we make a quick stop at Robin's Donuts. At the end of the trip, I get a feel for what it's like to drive a bus. Quite different from operating a streetcar. Now I know how it felt for streetcar operators to transition over to buses during the post-war era. Thanks to the MTHA for taking their time to organize this trip.

AC Transit 2013 Gillig Advantage 40' - 1350
This is a ride aboard a 2013-built Gillig Advantage (with the standard front end). AC Transit took delivery of 63 of these buses, with another one delivered from 2012. 1350 is seen here on a route 76, from Richmond BART station to the El Cerrito Del Norte transit center and BART station, on January 22nd, 2014.

Montreal Historic Buses GM New Look "Fishbowl" 33-008 GM Classic 55-001 and GM New Look 14-008
Here are some clips from the Bus History Association's June 2013 convention in Montreal, Quebec. Featured are three of the historic buses, including 1983 GM New Look "Fishbowl" 33-008, 1985 GM Classic 55-001 and 1973 New Look "Fishbowl" 14-008.

GM New Look Fishbowl Transit Bus 8202 ex Sherbrooke Fishbowl Bus
8202 is a 1982 GM New Look bus owned by a private group of bus enthusiasts in the Trois-Rivieres, Quebec area. New Look bus 8202 orginally hailed from Sherbrooke, Quebec and was later sold to STO of Gatineau, Quebec. The bus, after retirement was lovingly restored and is preserved for future generations to enjoy. We see GM New Look 8202 in a few different scenes in beautiful Trois-Rivieres Quebec. The fishbowl bus is tested out on the racetrack at top speed, and is seen on the streets of the downtown area, where a bus full of happy enthusiasts can be heard laughing and singing as the public on the streets wave and gawk at the beautiful 'fishbowl' bus.

Restored 1977 GMC New Look Bus / Saskatoon Transit
Repainted in the original livery / colours, to mark 100 years Transporting Saskatoon!

GMC New Look 1982
Moi conduisant notre GM Fishbowl 1982 (Ex STO 8202, Ex CMTS 32105) sur le pont de Grand-Mère et sur le 6e avenue à Grand-Mère. Me driving our 1982 GM Fishbowl (EX STO 8202, Ex CMTS 32105) on Grand-Mere Bridge and on 6th avenue in Grand-Mere.

ETS 438
A ride on ETS unit 438, a 1960 GM TDH-5301. This bus is part of the ETS historical collection.

Bay Area Transit PART I - Golden Gate - Muni - VTA - SamTrans - AC Transit - Early 80's footage
How do you handle the daily situations that manifest on your bus? I bet there's 'Never a Dull Moment" when you're on the streets of the Bay Area

GM New Look Fishbowl Bus Rides at the Seashore Trolley museum
Seashore trolley Museum Transit Day 2009 A ride on several GM Fishbowl New Look buses running at the Seashore Trolley Museum in Maine

GM New Looks Get Scrappedt th
I took these pictures of several 35 foot GM New Looks that were being scavaged for parts behind their garage. This was several years ago and I am not sure where they ended up but they are gone.

CBOA Ex SCRTD GM New Look # 3013
11/15/2014 This is a really a nice GM Fishbowl to ride. Engine Detroit Diesel 8V71N with a Allison VS-2 Transmission


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