EX-AC TRANSIT 1972 GMC "New look" T6H-5307N

POWERED BY DD6V71 AND 2 SPEED ALLISON. THIS BUS IS OWNED BY www.rts-regionaltransitservice.com.

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CTA GMC 5307 Fishbowl #9799
Getting a rare opportunity to drive a retired CTA bus

1964 New York GM New Look Fishbowl with manual transmission.

GMC New Look 1982
Moi conduisant notre GM Fishbowl 1982 (Ex STO 8202, Ex CMTS 32105) sur le pont de Grand-Mère et sur le 6e avenue à Grand-Mère. Me driving our 1982 GM Fishbowl (EX STO 8202, Ex CMTS 32105) on Grand-Mere Bridge and on 6th avenue in Grand-Mere.

Ex AC Transit GM New Look # 942
3/19/2011 this video was filmed on. Engine Detroit Diesel 6V71N with a Allison VS-2 Transmission.