Fascinating Rotary Screw Engine

It has come to my attention that an identical machine has already been conceptualized and patented US patent # 20030012675 A1 It seems everything has already been invented :( Models: https://docs.google.com/open?id=0Bz85oSr4b0ZAMmIxYzlkZTEtMzExNS00ZTgzLWJmZmItNDVjMWI2NmFkYzNi The current screw profile is not sealed ie: some leakage can occur from one discrete air pocket to the next, and the current profile would leak. I believe there may be an air tight profile tho, as some more complicated profiles have been used in screw compressors.

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How It Works LiquidPiston X Engine
LiquidPiston’s X Engine is a non-Wankel rotary embodiment of the company’s innovative High Efficiency Hybrid Cycle (HEHC). The X Engine has few parts and three combustion events per rotor revolution, resulting in tremendous power density. Inventor Alexander Shkolnik They are claiming 50% thermal Efficiency. BEAT THAT STIRLING ENGINES ! http://liquidpiston.com/

Compressed Air Fundamentals
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New Revolution Rotary Engine - One Moving Part
Using Autodesk Inventor 2011 to design. Between piston and lid have gap to move air from expression to expandsion Quote: "Engine of Poor"

New Generation of Engines
From gunpowder to electric propulsion, techniques to propel objects through space are being constantly improved. Today, new systems such as solar sails combined with the use of celestial dynamics open up new possibilities for space exploration.