Kawasaki Z1000 Motorcycle Turbo Project

http://www.pitstopmotorcycles.co.uk/workshop-blog/category/turbo-kwack-special.aspx KAWASAKI 1977 Z1000 special with upside down front forks, single sided swinging arm and a Mr turbo kit. Full details can be seen on our workshop blog linked above.

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Z1000J TURBO  エンジン始動

Kawasaki KZ1300 fuel injected Turbo project
Kawasaki Z1300 turbo by Richard Fluttert. The particular Z1300 turbo is the handwork of Richard Fluttert from the Netherlands. Richard had already built 3 versions of carburetor Z1300's some years ago but after a career in Superbike racing he remembered those earlier builds and wanted to build one again. This one is based on a fuel injected 1989 legendary six anniversary edition never sold in the US. _ The turbo uses a Rajay F40 turbine housing and a F Flow compression wheel. _ A high volume Scavenge Pump is mounted to return the oil from the turbo to the engine. _ The blow off valve is from a Subaru STI and the external wastegate comes from Mr.turbo. _ A high pressure fuel pump and two fuel pressure regulators were added and a lamda probe welded in the Exhaust sends fuel/air mixture data to a cockpit display. _ The ignition is changed. _ The bike has about 200hp with 8psi turbo pressure. Photography by Vincent Bruger Video by Farid Bessamé Music by Farid Bessamé


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