Begining to End, 70 Cougar Painted @ Home in 13 Mo.

Do it yourself Car Painting. 1970 Cougar, painted in Driveway over 13 Month period, START to FINISH, allowing for Surgery, Bad Weather, as well as re-painting the Car with the Color Coat 3 seperate times. (first time was a bad batch of Paint, 2nd time it started to Rain out of nowhere right after spraying, then the 3rd time was a charm.

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How to Custom Paint a Car
See more pictures of this job on our facebook page! - Four Years after update video - This is the painting of a 1968 Camaro going Synergy Green. This car was stripped and restored, including panel replacements, some metal patches and dent repairs. Music used under the creative commons license - wellman - certain death but not today hansatom - inferno is a place on earth The products used on this vehicle were BASF Onyx HD Waterborne basecoat and Glasurit 923-200 Clearcoat. Picture or Car Completed:

70 Cougar restoration
70 Cougar rebuild slideshow

Driveway Painting Cars
Just a few Cars Painted in Driveway @ Home for extra Income (not a video, but a progressive slide show)

Auto Body and Paint Restoration Start to Finish how to
A compilation of all the work I have done on this 1993 FD3S RX7 R1 Black, Quarter panel replacement, full body and paint restoration. Starting from cutting out the quarter panel then replacing it. Seam sealer, primer, color sanding base coat, clear coat and final finish with ppg deltron and ec700 clear coat. I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (