Begining to End, 70 Cougar Painted @ Home in 13 Mo.

Do it yourself Car Painting. 1970 Cougar, painted in Driveway over 13 Month period, START to FINISH, allowing for Surgery, Bad Weather, as well as re-painting the Car with the Color Coat 3 seperate times. (first time was a bad batch of Paint, 2nd time it started to Rain out of nowhere right after spraying, then the 3rd time was a charm.

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70 Cougar restoration
70 Cougar rebuild slideshow

1986 Mustang LX - painting from start to finish
Sometimes I take on daunting jobs that I am way under qualified to do and film time lapses of the process. I am no professional painter by any means, however, After many expensive quotes I decided to paint my car at home, I researched all the info on Google, spoke to some pros and started down the unknown path. It took 2 weeks to complete the process, with a couple days off here and there of course. With an investment of under $100 and some elbow grease, my dad and I got er' done. Film By: Greg Zajac Music: "Funky Feeling" by Stupid Robots

Painting a car in your garage - EPA rule 6H
This is MY interpretation of the EPA's 6H rule. Check out their document for yourself. I am NOT an attorney and I have no legal background on this subject. Please search the EPA's website and document cache to find out which rules apply to YOU. Hope this document helps a few folks understand where they fall with regard to the restrictions for spraying paint.

House Of Kolor Clips Part 2 - How To Paint A Car 2 - John Kosmoski 2
These are some MORE clips from the full DVD of Kustom Painting Made Easy - By John Kosmoski of House of Kolor. The dvd is great and there is a ton of information in it. I have the full 1hour and a half dvd email me at 01-05-2016