Begining to End, 70 Cougar Painted @ Home in 13 Mo.

Do it yourself Car Painting. 1970 Cougar, painted in Driveway over 13 Month period, START to FINISH, allowing for Surgery, Bad Weather, as well as re-painting the Car with the Color Coat 3 seperate times. (first time was a bad batch of Paint, 2nd time it started to Rain out of nowhere right after spraying, then the 3rd time was a charm.

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Paint @ Home 70 Cougar
70 Cougar Painted @ home in the Driveway. Sanded / Cut & Buffed. Had the car for just over a year doing Body finish work, sanding, sealing, priming, painting, clearing, cutting & buffing. Between weather, surgery as well as a few other road blocks, this project took just shy of 13 months to get to this stage.

Craig's 93 Mustang LX Paint Project - Outside the Booth
after painting, before wet-sanding and buffing. Pleae checkout my other videos.

Quick Ride In 1967 XR7 Cougar, 351 Cleveland
Took the cougar for a burn today to see if our handy work was paying off. Wanted to show people what a stock 1971 351 Cleveland could do. The motor was originally out of a 71 Mach 1 Mustang. I don't have a working speedo yet so top speed is unknown... but it was fun anyway.

Juan Backyard Painting....1987 Chevy Camaro.....Yeah
This me doing some Back Yard painting... looks good huh. Remember this car... i might pass you at thripple digit speeds!!!!! Juice 350