QTP Electric Cutout Dodge Ram Truck

QTP Electric Exhaust Cutout on a Dodge Ram Pick Up Truck For more info http://www.quicktimeperformance.com

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qtp electric cutouts 04 dodge ram
qtp electric cutouts 04 dodge ram

Open and closing cut-outs.
Here's a quick vid of what my truck sounds like with the cut-outs open and the cut-outs closed. Exhaust is an off-road X-pipe split into two cutouts that exit either side of the truck. When closed it routes both banks to a straight through magnaflow and dumps over the rear axle.

4X4 BURNOUT - 15,000lbs Dumpster vs 8000lbs Dodge Ram Pickup
Watch this 3500 Dodge Ram hook up to a virtually immovable 15,000+ lbs dumpster to see if it could spin all four tires. It's clear right when he starts that this truck isn't stock, it was quite the sight to see!

Racelands 3" Electric Exhaust Cutout - 2013 Ram 1500 Hemi 5.7L