FEFE Capri 2.0 16V ZETEC

FEFE Capri

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Wire a Zetec (ST170) in a Capri in a few minutes - SJ4000
Mainly a test of my new SJ4000 and making the footage into a time lapse. This is the final step of wiring up a st170 engine in a Capri The ECU is a ME221 with PnP loom. DanST throttle bodies. There was an issue with a bit of extra plastic on the coil pack which threw me for a while; nothing the cutters coulnd't fix.

Ford Capri yamaha r1 bike carbs on pinto + megajolt. 1st run
Ford Capri MKIII, 2.0 pinto, Yamaha R1 carbs, Megajolt programmable ignition

zetec turbo drag RWD first start
tube chassis drag car 2.0 Zetec turbo GTX4094R MoTec ect.ect.

mk 2 escort zetec/cossie capri drifting
having more fun