Pat's 58 On Dyno.avi

Dynotest ... Second Car, First Run for the 58' Drag... "One thursday night on Dyno" (Night before race @ Bitburg ...) "Une nuit sur les rouleaux" ... (la 58' doit être sur la piste le lendemain à Bitburg...)

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Orange Mecanique ... on the Dyno ...
First Dynotest for "Orange Mecanique" 256.8 cv for a 2442cc ...

dragster dyno
500 cu. in. Mopar

Fast Angel Dyno 09-2012.AVI
Pré-DDDay Dynotest for Fast Angel Dragster beetle with a 2387cc engine First test gave 194 HP then it rose to 217.7 HP after finding the correct jets Here are 23.7 HP gain after this "Test and Tune" on the Dyno for the price of a few hours of labor ! All these test were performed with the belt ! More about this beeetle on the Dyno very soon on our weblog :

Turbo VW Dragster Dyno.wmv
First Dyno trip, normal amount of teething issues with a brand new motor. Mainly a converter that kept the wheels from catching up with the motor. Once that's figured out we'll post up some new numbers!