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Pat's 58 On Dyno.avi

Dynotest ... Second Car, First Run for the 58' Drag... "One thursday night on Dyno" (Night before race @ Bitburg ...) "Une nuit sur les rouleaux" ... (la 58' doit être sur la piste le lendemain à Bitburg...)


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Another Saturday Dyno Day ... at Pat's Vw Shop Yves's 1960 "Ceramic Groen" Beetle 2276cc ... 188cv

Pat 58 WildVWDragDay 2014
Pat '58 Drag beetle run at WildVWDragDay @ Clastres (FR) June 7-8 2014 Best time of the weekend : 10.84" @ 1/4th mile

Mud Tour 2010 (Belgium) Vw Brasila "Off Road Modified" ... Xavier (from the D.A.S Autobahn Scrapers Vw club)" 2110cc and 2 WD ... some good Mud Action "

911 GT2 (993 model) Dyno
Here is one of the latest car pass on the Pat's Dyno some days ago for a power test : '95 911 GT2 (993) Porsche (3.6L Flat 6 Bi-turbo) His owner had the impression it lacked power currently ... And its estimation was positive ... there was not the expected power This car race at Le Mans track on the 90's and finish under the 20th place !

62 Mickael 2300cc Dyno.AVI
Mickael' 1962 Vw Beetle with 2300cc engine on Pat's Dyno ... 175 HP

Fast Angel Dyno 09-2012.AVI
Pré-DDDay Dynotest for Fast Angel Dragster beetle with a 2387cc engine First test gave 194 HP then it rose to 217.7 HP after finding the correct jets Here are 23.7 HP gain after this "Test and Tune" on the Dyno for the price of a few hours of labor ! All these test were performed with the belt ! More about this beeetle on the Dyno very soon on our weblog : http://patvw.skynetblogs.be/tag/fast+angel

Pat-Vs-Other Garys Picnic 2010
Pat's 58 "Vw Beetle Blowed 1776cc injection" Vs Green Drag Gary's Picnic May 2010, Shakespaere County Raceway (UK)

First start engine (Blowed 1776cc) of the 58' after the installation of ignition controlled (crank trigger) by the injection MegaSquirt box ... Premier démarrage du moteur 1776cc Compressé de la 58 après l'installation de l'allumage commandée (crank trigger) par le boitier d'injection MegaSquirt ...

Dynotest ... First Run ...
Premier test du banc de puissance avec le 1500s de Vanessa ... First Test of the Dyno (SuperFlow AutoDyn 30) with Vanessa's Vw Notchback 1500S ...

Passage au banc de ma cox
type 4, cylindrée de 2.4 L atmo

Premier "Road Test" de la 58 après l'installation de l'allumage commandée par le boitier d'injection MegaSquirt ... First "Road Test" of the 58 after the installation of ignition controlled by the injection MegaSquirt box ...

VW Type3 2,3L Engine First Run
VW Type3 2,3L Engine First Run Aluminium case, 82 crankshaft and flyweel balanced, CB I-Beam rods, BERG pushrods MAHLE 94 Racing Pistons, ENGLE W110 camshaft, SCAT lifters, DRD L5 CNC cylinder heads with 40x35 stainless steel valves and dual springs, CB intake manifolds reworked and match ported to fit the heads CB 1.25 rockers, BERG 26mm hi flow oil pump with EMPI full flow, CB Perf. external oil sump, duo of WEBER 44 IDF carburator, 009 coil and PETRONIX ignition. More about this engine on our Weblog : http://patvw.skynetblogs.be/tag/2276+cc+for+a+type+3

VW Type1 1915cc Engine First Run
VW Type1 1915cc Engine First Run Original VW case machined for the 1915cc, DPR Lightened flywheel and counterweight crankshaft, Revised original VW rods, MAHLE Pistons kit, Engle W125 camshaft, Straight cut, SCAT lifters, DRD Cylinder heads with 40x35 stainless steel valves and dual springs CB reinforced rocker arms with original rockers, BERG pushrods BERG 26mm large flow oil pump, BERG external oil sump, Pair of Weber 44 IDF on CB Performance "Big Beef" manifolds and BERG linkage 009 ignition with Petronix IGNITOR module and Type 4 radiator for improved cooling and a KENNEDY Stage 1 clutch More about this engine on our Weblog : http://patvw.skynetblogs.be/tag/1915+for+a+68+beetle

63 ex Jim Kaforsky Beetle.AVI
Jim Kaforski ex car on the Pat's Dyno ex DKP car 1963 "gulf blue" Beetle with 2276cc (car now in France) result: 187 HP on the Dyno today ...

Holey Moley Dynotest Pat.be.AVI
Saturday Dynotest for Holey Moley "after modifications" ... New head : CB Ultra Wedged Port, Engle cam 130, 2276 cc and 201.6 cv on the Pat's Dyno this saturday

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