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Very Cold start -23c in Finland, Ford Mondeo 1.8l 16v zetec

After sitting 1day


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1,2 Million KM Mercedes 300TD Winter Start
Here's a video of the worn Mercedes 300TD starting on a pretty cold day. It used to be a taxi, and has over 1,2 million km on it.

Ford Mondeo 1.8TD 600.000km start and drive
This is my dad's Ford Mondeo 1.8TD. He bought it new in 1999 and it has been his reliable workhorse for 11 years.

Ford Mondeo Mk2 (98') 1.8 16v Autostrada A2
Ford Mondeo Mk2(98') 1.8 16v Autostrada A2 RO

Volvo 245 Diesel -20c cold start(Finland)
Volvo 245 D24T -79 2+3hlö. Muuteman viikon seissyt paku hörähtää käyntiin ilman lämmitystä -20 asteen pakkasesta. Koneen kunto, hehkujen kunto ja syöttöpumpun ajoitus??? Lähtee kyllä tarvittaessa käyntiin kovemmillakin pakkasilla ilman lämmitystä...

Ford Modeo 1.8 TD (MK2) Cold start with hand help in 0C outdoor temperature.
Bad quality diesel in the fuel tank. Rossz minőségű gázolajjal az üzemanyagtankban. Hidegen indítva nem húz rá az alapjárati dúsítómotor a karra, ezért kézzel rásegítve indul csak jól a Mondi. (a video készítésénél 0C fok volt a kinti hőmérséklet)

Mondeo 1.8 TD (MK2) Cold Start at -9C, 30% bad and 70% premium diesel in the fuel tank
Mondeo 1.8 TD (MK2) Cold Start at -9C, 30% bad (~5l) and 70%(~10l) premium diesel in the fuel tank. Yesterday morning did not start my Mondeo with the bad quality diesel.

Ford Mondeo 1.8 TD (MK2) Good Cold start at -7C
Ford Mondeo 1.8 TD (MK2) Good Cold start at -7C MOL EVO diesel in the fuel tank.

Ford Mondeo 1.8 16V Zetec-E
1998, 85kW.

1998 Ford Mondeo Mk2 Aftermarket Radio Install
The old Ford 5000 radio has seen better days, so here I quickly put in a replacement to last a while before I finally replace it with a superb Bluetooth unit. Thought Id share the process in the hope it will help some of you! Dont forget to subscribe for more cool video's and become a fan of my facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/creativetux http://www.creativetux.com

Ford Mondeo 2004 2.0 TDCI cold start -16ºC

Ford Mondeo 1.8td on snow. 2
Ford Mondeo 1.8td on snow. 2

Very cold start -26c
Skyteam monkey very cold start -26c

Ford Mondeo 2.0i with induction kit fitted
1997 Ford Mondeo 2.0i 16v Zetec E Ghia X. Standard car with an air induction kit fitted to it.

vauxhall zafira very cold start
all 4 glow plugs have been changed bu it still takes forever to start

Ford Mondeo 3,0 V6

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1999 Ford Mondeo Ghia: 16.000 @ 85.000
Mr. A, Engine: 2.0 16v Zetec-E, Tires: Continental


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