Brands Hatch Overturned Fire Rescue Truck !!!!! October 2011!

A Fire Rescue Member Driving to the scene of an overturned Lorry, skidded on spilt diesel on the track and OVERTURNED. I hope that everyone is ok! Motorsport can be dangerous!

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Brands Hatch Fire Appliance Crash
Whilst attending an incident during a Lorry Race this Ford Ranger fire appliance belonging to Brands Hatch lost control on some diesel that had been spilt on the track. Luckily the occupants only suffered minor injuries. These are a series of photos that i captured and put into a short movie.

what was not ment to happen at brandshatch 30/11/11
this was not ment to happend i really wish we had it going over on film

Fire truck rolls at Brands Hatch 3oth october 2011
2nd truck race of day when fire truck rolls on way to help at crash of a truck !!!

Shockwave Jet Truck at Cayuga, Ontario.
Please don't steal and upload as your own. Google have the content and the channel removed within an hour of the stolen video being reported. I check every couple days for thefts. This is now the 4th most watched Shockwave Jet Truck video on YouTube. Please share the video with your friends and together we will make it the 3rd most watched. Neal Darnell and his truck Shockwave Jet Truck racing at Toronto Motorsports Park,Cayuga, Ontario, during the weekend of the Canadian Nitro Nationals. Powered by 3 Pratt and Whitney J34-48 jet engines. These jets are usually found in U.S. Navy's T2A Buckeye plane. Following is a reply to a question on Shockwave's FB page about the white smoke duing the preliminaries. Regarding the afterburner and whether there is fire from the Exhaust which creates the flame or creates a cloud of white smoke/unburned fuel. He said there is a button on the steering wheel that powers the spark igniters which creates the fire and when that button is not pushed, the fuel is not burned which creates a white cloud of smoke. "Afterburner is either on or off. There is a button on the steering wheel to light the burner. If you don't Iight the burner, it makes smoke." I also asked what kind of fuel it burns, ie Jet Fuel, Diesel Fuel, etc he says it can burn anything but gasoline or alcohol. Mostly oily fuels. Jet A, JP 4, JP 8, Kerosene, Diesel, BioDiesel, etc. "About anything but gasoline or alcohol. Mostly oily fuels. Jet A, JP 4, JP 8, Kerosene, Diesel, BioDiesel, etc." I asked if they could spray water into the Exhaust to create a vapor cloud and he says water would not work. Please check out my channel for a timelapse taken during Canadian Nitro Nationals. I endeavour to answer every comment, please no more about the ending. If you want to follow me on YouTube, subscribe to my channel for my latest videos!