Bostig Conversion: Zetec Engine Install

This video followed me as I installed the new Zetec engine the day after removing the old VW WBX engine.

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Bostig Conversion: Progress and First Start
The trials, tribulations, and eventual triumph of my Bostig engine conversion for my 1985 VW Westfalia Vanagon.

Bostig engine conversion install, part 1
Under the direction and help of Adam Garcia and Bostig's documentation, we finally removed my old waterboxer engine and transmission. Here is some video of the van engine bay, the old + new engines, and the transmission. I know. I have a lot to do still. But, I'm learning.

Bostig engine conversion install, part 6
Finally started up this engine. On my initial starts, I had some issues that I had to resolve. My starter was on the fritz, so I got a new one from Van Cafe. The zetec engine had stuck fuel injectors and I neglected to connect the wire harness to the IAC valve. Once all that was updated, it started up wonderfully. You're right, Hemi. I forgot to wave to the camera.

Jeff's Bostig conversion process
Installing a Ford Zetec into a 1984 Vanagon Adventurewagen