Supercharged home made Straight Eight by Desperate Dan Vid 2

Built in a shed, it fired up first go. I was hoping it would sound real lumpy like a drag engine, but it runs too smooth, and it's too quiet even with unsilenced 9" pipes! The timing was a pain to sort out the Rover distributor runs backwards, I had to take the heads off to work out the firing order!!! See the shed it was built in on Vid 1. Added May 2012: OK, my nails are dirty, maybe because I'm an engineer & build stuff? Maybe your nails are clean because you can't build eff-all & just sit behind your computer? C'mon folk, get a life.

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The Best Sounding Straight-8 Engines In The World
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TOP 10 Homemade ENGINES
Sources & Credits: 10. Smallest Handmade Engine 9. 8 Cylinder Engine 8. Victory 44 7. W-32 6. V12 Solenoid Motor 5. 7 Cylinder Radial Engine 4. Straight Eight 3. V10 Model 2. Flying Millyard 1. Sutton's Radial Music: "Escape From Area 51" By K1Woods Licence purchased from Please contact me at if there is any dispute about content being used in this video or if you want a video clip removed, thanks!

Flathead Engine Test Run
Gary tests his 1950 Ford Flathead Engine

The oldest working Controllable Pitch Propeller. (70 years old) is serviced by Berg Propulsion.
The Tug boat "Herkules" from 1939, is being maintained by Berg Propulsion at Gotenius Ship Yard Sept 2009. The propeller is unique - it is the oldest controllable pitch propeller in service. It is the 3:rd propeller built by KaMeWa. Berg Propulsion was established 1912.