1987 BMW 325is Race Car

This car is a BEAST!

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1987 BMW E30 325iS Sport
Broad Auto Sales 1155-1161 Broad Street Newark, New Jersey 07114 http://www.broadautosales.com

1991 BMW E30 318is Restoration & Rebuild [Brand New Eye Candy]
This vehicle was purchased as an abandoned project. It had been nearly stripped with the best of intentions by the previous owner, but he decided to let it go when he realized how in over his head he was. Over 6 months I have painstakingly restored this car with as many new parts as possible following a complete inside and out respray in BMW Imola Red II. I've taken care to follow an OE Plus methodology in the restoration, picking the finest original options and period correct upgrades, deviating only in the powertrain choice to make the car an absolutely delightful driver with its more modern, powerful engine and transmission. As little used hardware as possible was put back into the car. No fasteners with tool marks or plating corrosion were tolerable. Anything that could not be purchased new was stripped and replated to like new appearance. Every nut, bolt, clip, clamp, wire tie, grommet etc possible was purchased new from the dealer. The entire car was dismantled to allow for a complete, through and proper respray covering every square inch of the chassis inside and out with new paint. While the chassis wiring harness was out of the car it was meticulously laid out, gone over, inspected for damage, and rewrapped with new OE BMW fabric loom tape as required. I think you would be hard pressed to find a finer more well rounded example of a non-M E30 on the market today. All original features on the car operate as originally designed. The car is mechanically like new. Source: http://www.r3vlimited.com/board/showthread.php?t=366843

New toy Bmw E30 325is recently detailed
My latest pickup. 1987 Bmw 325is. lowered on Ireland Engineering springs bumpers tucked polished up the oxidized pant to a decent shine check out my blog about this car and my amg c32 as well past cars: S2000 , Golf R http://robdaman.blogspot.com/ and instagram @_robdaman

1987 BMW E30
Josh Cole's BMW 325is, E30 style. Sportmaxx wheels, Getrag, 411 limited slip, carbon fiber lip, roll cage...