Journalist not taking crap from NYPD.

How to successfully Resist Police Intimidation and Defend Your Rights OccupyTVNY on Nov 22, 2011 An intrepid journalist defends his first amendment rights against a series of attempts to intimidate him by NYPD officers. Category: Rights Police How-to Cops police state Occupy Wall Street Stock Market Constitution 99% protest press civil liberties Yes Men Igor Vamos NYPD Free speech United States Constitution America News & Politics

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Pig Gone Wild
Orlando Critical Mass ride on February 26, 2010. A belligerent Pig tried with all his might to pick a fight but da bite has got nothing on my flight of freedom.

Gimme a Break Lady
This woman, for unknown reasons, has a problem with a news cameraman shooting a brush fire off Deer Park Ave. She starts with the yelling and the threats of arrest.....I guess for not listening to her order. Then she resorts to assault of the cameraman. Why? We don't know. So after Suffolk PD gets involved the officer now demands the camera move back to behind her car. Again why? That order was not complied with so she then resorts to demanding identification. Her boss was notified and came down to rectify the situation with the officer.

Police Demand Video Camera.. Owner says NO underground rap music

Seattle Police: "You are going to die"
5/16/12 After shot rang out ending a young mans life, officer Powell looks for a fight Find me on facebook for more footage from Big Ant's Breaking News!/AntThaClosa Also