Craig Lue Evo 7 Launch

Evo 7 in jamaica ... 10 second mitsubishi evolution...

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Craig Lue running his fastest time so far 9.3 seconds

Mitsubishi Evolution - 1000WHP Dyno Run - Jamaica
:::: Lue Boyz Racing :::: In 2009 i posted a video of this Evo going against a Camaro. (here's the video for reference: After a few years, a few mods and God only knows what else, Jamaica now has its FIRST AND ONLY 1000HP Evolution :D

Lueboyz Racing 800+ whp Evo 7 Dyno Run
Jamaica's first 4 Cylinder to make it to the 800 Whp Brackets...

GT Turbo Starlet before and after crash
GT turbo Starlet before and after crash... Totaled... The driver, Dayne, came out with a sprained ankle