Nitrous Nissan Maxima drag race

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Nissan Maxima 10.85 @ 125mph Worlds Fastest
Worlds Fastest nissan maxima driven by Jime. 10.85 @ 125mph with Nitrous. The civic in the close lane red lighted big time, he was not that fast. The original video was deleted due to the music used in the video by YouTube. This one is all my own, so it will stay put.

Nissan Maxima Street Race 3.5 VQDE vs AMG E63
Haltech 2003 maxima with 2009 maxima motor(burgundy) vs fully bolted Brian crower stage 2 cammed 300+ hp max (12.6 second car) with amg e63 as the chase car

nissan maxima vs kia cadenza - YouTube.flv

Lexus IS-F vs nitrous powered Nissan Maxima
Lexus with headers, Exhaust and Drag radials vs Nissan maxima with Nitrous, slicks, full bolt-ons and weight reduction and of course a good driver. It was a fun close race and was my final run for the season!! The Maxima pulled ahead off the line and was ahead by a bumper or two until the 1/8th mile where I finally started pulling away. You can't see it in the video, but you can hear it. Maxima Lexus 1.780 60' 1.873 7.757@88.43 7.893@91.04 12.134@111.81. 12.115@116.47