2003 Feroce 2

2003 Pontiac Feroce Custom dash, Coil-over suspension, coral snake and ghost flames

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2003 Feroce
2003 Pontiac Feroce 1985 Fiero 3.4LV6,

Электромобиль своими руками ч1. Electric Pontiac Fiero (english captions)
Моя самоделка. Основа - 1985 Понтиак Фиеро за $300. После переделки зарегистрировал как электромобиль в Орегоне, США. На переделку потратил 1000 долларов. Друзья, тем кого интересует постройка Электромобиля своими руками на родине - рекомендую общращаться к моему другу Захару Пашуну http://www.zaxar.tv/contact-me/ Или на форум electricmobile.ru он сейчас налаживает бизнес по переоборудованию электромобилей в СНГ и проконсультирует вас по всем вопросам.

Corbett Automotive Patriot (1992)
The Patriot was a kit designed by a young engineer named Adrian Corbett. His previous effort was a Lamborghini Countach kit that fit, of all things, a VW Beetle floorpan. I believe that the Patriot was first intended as a turnkey, selling for $85.000 (in 1992 dollars), but was later offered as a kit. If there is any interest, I can upload some promotional video about this vehicle.

Fiero electric adjustable suspension
This was a project for my school, where i made an LCD gauge cluster and electric adjustable suspension for my 1987 Fiero GT with Koni suspension. The rear suspension stiffness is adjustable with a push of a button from inside the car.