2003 Feroce 2

2003 Pontiac Feroce Custom dash, Coil-over suspension, coral snake and ghost flames

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Fiero Pontiac Gt
the best car

NAF GT40 rebody for Pontiac Fiero (1989)
This was a very well received kit in in late 80's. Jack Kube apparently sold and then rebought North American Fiberglass. As of a couple of years ago he was still selling this kit. *WARNING* - Do your homework before buying any kit, especially a GT40 Fiero rebody. At least one conman is selling incredibly inferior copies of this kit, with paper-thin panels and $3 furniture hinges. Google is your friend.

Assembly highlights of PISA Artero kitcar
The tape had no sound, so I added a bit of period Jan Hammer.

T/R Piranha rebody for Pontiac Fiero (1989)
This is the car that was featured in the 1988 movie "Action Jackson", with Craig T. Nelson, Carl Weathers, Vanity, and Sharon Stone.