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Fúria Sobre Rodas em Lagoa da Prata - MG, aconteceu no ano de 2006.

Super car driver idiots [NO pics, only videos]
I got bored with all the "super car crashes"-videos here on YouTube that only contained PICTURES, CRAPPY MUSIC or/and clips of pure racing cars on official racing events. This compilation DOES NOT include pure racing cars on official racing events - only real life FAILures on the STREETS, made by people with more money than driving skills... (Though, even the best car drivers can crash too of course.) Notice 1: The "Dodge Ram" may not be a super car, but still it's a SRT10 with the 8.3L Viper V10 which produces 510hp. Pretty super for a pick up, don't you think? It has more power than several of the cars in this video. The intention with this video was to show that skills doesn't come with money. Notice 2: Tire is the preferred spelling in the U.S. and Canada. Tyre is preferred in most varieties of English outside North America. And I'm from Sweden. So please think outside your box (country), you who claims "tyre" is incorrect spelling.

Ai se minha mulher vê eu fazendo isso com o carro dela...

rachas e carros tuning
Um resumo da vida de quem corre nas ruas


The Most Amazing Accident On Road Produced By Rain
WITH A SPIRIT iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/with-a-spirit Amazon MP3: http://tinyurl.com/with-a-spirit-amazon-mp3 ..... You can also get this song for FREE on youtube audioswap -- watch this video to learn how: http://www.youtube.com/user/trackonerecordings Artist: 009 Sound System Song: With A Spirit Length: 09:58 lyrics: you can be whatever u want when you're high walk slowly with a spirit by your side (oh baby) don't fear if u lose your mind say how u doin' boy i'm feelin' fine ... when somethin' carries me away... hey hey hey hey.... - don't think just take a ride don't believe that jesus lied to keep us all so satisfied with a sale u should know baby don't feel the thorny nights never ask for holy rites don't ya think that god has died this time - and don't stop takin' these drugs cuz' they got u flyin' forgettin' yesterday maybe it's crazy but keep gettin' stoned while u can baby in the lord's hands - don't say u know what's right don't take those alibis don't hate the other side when they're right sure they are baby don't wave your flag up high don't praise your concubines did u just fall for lies this time The Most Amazing Accident On Road Produced By Rain

1972 camaro twin turbo captree obi / wanna race?
My 1972 Twin turbo Camaro with 1200 rwhp yes that's at the rear wheels.

momofoolio presents: S2000s vs Z3M vs Viper ACR Buttonwillow 13CCW 2:02.2 SV S2KC 1st Place Mod-R
momofoolio presents: S2000s vs Z3M vs Viper ACR 4 Way Battle!!!! Buttonwillow 13CCW 4.17.11 2011 SV S2KC Round 3 - 1st Place Mod-R Lap Time: 2:02.273 (Session 4 with Track Temp 100F+) Definitely the best session I've had in a while!! Note: First time running 13CCW. Car suffered some blow-by and fuel starvation, you can hear the engine bog from time to time; I shuffle the steering wheel after coming out of sweeper to try to prevent blow-by, you will see me do that almost every lap in this session. Also out-braked myself couple times lol some bloopers at the very end =) Special Thanks to: WestEnd Alignment Rising Star Motors APR Performance Outlaw1 Performance liteSPEC Titanium Exhaust TrackHQ S2K4ME Bumoff Stickers 16 Customs Will aim for a sub 2 min run next time visiting BW 13CCW under cooler weather =) Thanks for watching! momofoolio.webs.com

Kadett 2.0 Turbo - PowerBass.com.br
EXTERIOR: - Capô com Bad Boy - Spoiler Lateral - Parachoques Dianteiro Personal Parts - Parachoque Traseiro Exclusivo Power Bass - Retrovisor M3 com pisca - Aerofólio RS Asas - Sinaleira Traseira Cristal - Farol Lente Lisa - Pinos de Capô Raceway - Escapamento Raceway MTR 10 - Portas,teto e tampa traseira alisadas - Adesivo Lateral Personalizado - 4 Barras de Neon Externo Rosa - Estrobo - Angel Eyes - Kit Bi Xenon 10.000K SOM: - Dvd Player/CD/MP3 Completo - Tela de Dvd 7' - Subwoofer Selenium Matador 12' - Amplificador Lanzar vibe 415 - Caixa Moldada em Fibra Exclusiva - Pezinhos em fibra de vidro com Triaxial de 5' Selenium SUSPENSÃO: - Suspensão Regulável - Rodas TSW 17 Reflex - Pneus de Alta performance Toyo 205/40/17 - Freios a Disco Ventilado nas 4 rodas. - Pastilhas Multifreios modelo Racing INTERIOR: - 4 Bancos Concha San Marino - Painel pintado e personalizado - Volante Shutt R1 Personalizado - Manoplas Shutt - Soleira Shutt Carbon - Pedaleira Shutt Carbon - Tapetes Personalizados - Teto com forração personalizada - Portas com forração personalizada - Coluna com 4 instrumentos Cronomac - Contagiros com Shift Cronomac - Painel de Instrumentos Personalizado - Iluminação do painel personalizada - Neon Interno Rosa MOTOR: - Injeção FuelTech RacePro 1Fi e Ignição Fire 4S - Coletor de Admissão retrabalhada Satti com 4 bicos suplementares - 8 Bicos Retrabalhados - Borboleta Retrabalhada - Turbina APL 240 Master Power - Bomba de Combustível Especial - Válvula de alívio e de prioridade Beep turbo - Pressurização Satti - Barra Anti Torção Imohr - Bateria Especial Full Energy 1050 - Polia de Comando Regulável Cromada Bilha - Wingnut Bilha - Coletor de Escape Beep turbo - Escapamento de 2,5 polegadas

Laura's First Burnout
My sister doing a burn out in her 04 Mustang GT.

The Best Woman Driver

Chick falls in the mud while pulling out Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4x4 with Artic Cat Prowler 4x4 at Red River Mud Bog near Texarkana, Arkansas on July 4th, 2010 weekend. Be sure to check us out on Facebook at Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors for all the latest updates! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Triple-X-Motorsports-Outdoors-RekjavicXXX/143 751552330968

Demolition Derby Girls
Beautiful women smashing cars... does it get any better?

HOT CHICKS MUDDING in Artic Cat Prowler
Some folks we rode with at River Run near Jacksonville Tx on Good Friday 2010. Be sure to check us out on Facebook at Triple-X Motorsports & Outdoors for all the latest updates! http://www.facebook.com/pages/Triple-X-Motorsports-Outdoors-RekjavicXXX/143 751552330968

Boobs vs. Cars
In our most intellectually stimulating segment to date, we ask the attendees of So. Cal. Euro's Big Gathering what they prefer; boobs or cars? Let us know what you'd choose in the comments below. Let the battle for supremacy begin!

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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1999 Suzuki Bandit 1277 bandit: 9.920 @ 138.900
gary, Engine: 1277, Tires: shinko

1999 Suzuki Bandit s: 10.070 @ 137.000
gary, Engine: 1277,

1997 Suzuki Bandit 1200s: 10.231 @ 131.870
Steve, Tires: shinco rear

2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200: 10.697 @ 121.420
Royal Hunter, Engine: 1157cc stock, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: Shenko Stealth

2001 Suzuki Bandit S: 10.725 @ 127.170
Matt M, Engine: 1200, Tires: Pirelli Angel ST

1999 Suzuki Bandit S: 10.796 @ 127.190
J.W. Rich,

1999 Suzuki Bandit 600 s 907 big bore: 10.900 @ 124.000
Mike Michaud, Engine: 600/907 custom build,

2002 Suzuki Bandit 1157: 11.019 @ 121.900
Ryan Pappas, Engine: 1157, Tires: Shinko 006

2004 Suzuki Bandit 1200: 11.062 @ 122.360
J. Gaines,

2004 Suzuki Bandit : 11.377 @ 119.600
Jeromy Gaines, Tires: dunlop

2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200: 11.402 @ 120.140

2002 Suzuki Bandit 1200: 11.430 @ 118.751
heath murtagh, Engine: gs 1200,

2004 Suzuki Bandit 1200 S: 11.457 @ 118.980

2001 Suzuki Bandit 1200n: 12.020 @ 108.000
joseph dodd, Engine: 1148, Tires: continitial roadattack

1994 Hyundai Elantra GT42 Turbo: 12.201 @ 123.030
Rick Inacio, Engine: 4g63, Turbos: GT42 Tires: M/T 26

2000 Suzuki Bandit 600 S: 12.697 @ 105.530
Tyler Lewton,

1992 Hyundai Elantra : 12.960 @ 108.420
Doug Elfman, Engine: 4g63, Supercharger: no Turbos: 14b Tires: mt street slicks

2007 Mercedes-Benz GL450 : 14.810 @ 93.100

2002 Hyundai Elantra GT: 14.965 @ 96.247
Steve, Engine: 2.0l DOHC, Supercharger: na Turbos: na Tires: hankook

2003 Hyundai Elantra GLS: 15.510 @ 89.640
FordFasteRR, Engine: 2.0L Twin Cam, Tires: Yokohama AVS ES-100


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