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Chico Anísio e a velhinha puta!
Chico Anísio no Jô Soares.

Rachas de Carros
Rachas de Carros e Arrancada ! Mais Videos e Fotos aqui ! By: Julim - /Thebullvidaloka

Wanna Race?! 200 Bucks!
Hey guys! I went on my first group ride of the season with NinjaXBart and some other guys from the group. A random guy asked me to race him and also we saw many stupid drivers. Go to NinjaXBart's channel for his perspective video! NinjaXBart: Intro/Outro Song: Turn It Up - Timeflies Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC Please visit my Facebook page and leave a like! Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on Instagram! Or if you do G+ osts Please like and favorite! Don't forget to click that share button! Subscribe for more :) "You don't ride a motorcycle to add days to your life, you ride a motorcycle to add life to your days."

mulheres no volante
Gauchas tentando manobrar