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Wannabe Street Racer Crashes
Wannabe street racer tries to race on a open road and wipes out! You can hear him panicking after he spins out of control LMAO!

Wanna Race?… / GT500 / On Her Cell Phone / Bling Bling / @#$%&* / Geese
I have never had this happen to me before lol Crazy what you catch on video... If you notice my Audio Sounds different in some spots its because some of the footage is when I switched mics. Hope it isnt too distracting. ENjoy :D The Facebook: The Instagram: The Twitter: The Youtube: WHat Gives Me My Super Powers: Sub My Bro Turdbucket: Thanks so much for watching. Music Credit: California Dubstep by Caramusic Music used: Neuro Rhythm by Aaron Spencer Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International ( Insain-James by InsainMusic is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence. [FREE] The Passion HiFi - Final - Rap Beat / Instrumental by Free Hip Hop Beats ! ! ! is licensed under a Creative Commons Licence.

WANNA RACE? Mclaren mp4-12c VS 600rr
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2 girls racing
2 chicks