1000hp+ Porsche track rental Dig races part 2

Porsche highlights from the Nov '12 Exoticsrally track rental. Part 2 is dig races, part 1 was roll racing and can be seen on my channel. 500-1300+ whp cars going at it here.

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Porsche & Aston Martin Crash Compilation Nordschleife Nürburgring Jaguar R8 SLS
Many accidents / fails from Aston Martin, Porsche and other sports car. No person was injured! STR

Boosted 4.8L Split Bumper Camaro 700hp Dyno
RIP Headphone users, this 80mm turbo screams at full Boost! Rainy day tune on this cam only 4.8L swapped, power glide trans, and supporting mods Split Bumper Camaro making over 700whp. Can't wait to see what it runs at the track.

Supra vs Turbo LSX Mustang DIG RACE!
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Porsche panemera S / BMW760Li
Alex745alejandroAli Can