MK2 Escort 2ltr pinto

ford escort MK2 Dyno power runs

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screaming BDA's at Northampton Motorsport
These cars are driven by Nick Elliot and Steve Banister in the British Historic Rally Championship. The cars are built and maintained by Rally sport developments in Malton North Yorkshire and the BDA engines are built by Pete Jones of Jondel Race engines here in Northampton. The Jondel engines are always run on the engine Dyno but once installed in the cars they come to Northampton Motorsport to ensure the final installed package performs to its full potential.

Escort MK II first Engine start Pinto
new build engine first start "it was a surprise to hear the engine running after pushing the start button for 2 seconds."

harris 2.1 pinto mk2 escort
My freshly built 2.1 sohc engine, built by ron harris hpe motorsport.

Jay Elvy Mk2 Escort Rolling Road
Mk2 Drag car with 2.1 pinto using pump fuel. Tuned and tested by Dyno Solutions 01474 872888 ,