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JR's 1st Street Stock Race 5-1-10 Part 1 Warm Ups & Qualifying Heat Race

My friend Larry JR ODonnell, last years (2009) 4 Cylinders Senior Point Champ at Bethel Motor Speedway, in is first race in his new V8 powered Street Stock car, on May 1, 2010. This is Part 1 the warm Ups and the Qualifying Heats


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JR's 1st Street Stock Race 5-1-10 Part 2 The Feature Race
My friend Larry JR ODonnell, last years (2009) 4 Cylinders Senior Point Champ at Bethel Motor Speedway, in is first race in his new V8 powered Street Stock car, on May 1, 2010. This is Part 2 The Feature race

Natural Bridge Speedway Street Stock race May 31 2014
The first 20 or so laps of the street stock race at NBS. Keith Herring #17 lead the majority of the race to finish strong in his first 2nd place finish.

RC Stockcar Trailer Race. 5 minute feature race - last man standing.
The Stockcar feature race offered heaps of thrills and spills, a 5 minute race or untill the last car is left (in this case, there was only 1 car still running by the 5th minute). Christchurch Radio Control Stockcar Club racing at Woodford Glen Speedway clubrooms on 30th September 2012. To see more RC Speedway action check out the playlist here: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBAC4D183AB9324C8


Street Stock 10 Car Pile Up Camera 2
Scott Atkins 20 411 Motor Speedway

Bowman Gray Stadium - Street Stock (07.09.11)
The very controversial and emotional 104.1 WTQR Street Stock race from Bowman Gray Stadium on July 9th, 2011. Billy Gregg (98) turns Matt Cotner (27) from the lead and Cotner eventually retaliates on Gregg. Not to be the only headline, David Sumner (1) gets taken out of the lead, but takes his frustration on out eventual race winner John McNeal (99). A positive note is rookie sensation John Holleman IV had his career best finish of 2nd place.

Street Stock cold start 2011
my race car 2011 start up

Rees Shield Stockcar Teams Race
The Rees Shield is for Stockcar Teams Racing: Defenders must accept a minimum of 2 challenges a year: The Auckland Alleycats are challenged by the Gisborne Gladiators in the first ever defence of the Shield

Dirt Track Street Stock Race 8.15.08 Gallatin Speedway, Belgrade Montana
Check This Out: http://www,MakeMyFirst100.com Street Stock Race 8.15.08 Robby Baxter #27 18th to 2nd at Gallatin Speedway, Belgrade Montana.

Street Stock Racing
Stock cars tear up the track at Hollywood Hills Speedway High Quality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4eNRzE0wOaY&fmt=18

Worst Figure 8 Crash @ Slinger Super Speedway Ever!!!!! 9/11/2011
This is a video of the worst figure 8 Crash Ever @ Slinger Super Speedway. Ryan Lovald just bought Shane the Shark Beckers car and this was the first race racing that car. Ryan Lovald hit Rick Bruskiewicz right behind the Right Front Tire and Ryan Rolls. BOTH DRIVERS WALKED AWAY. You can here a scream right as the hit happens. That was Nicki, Ryans Fiance. You can see a black smoking dot to the right of Ryans car as well that is his motor, the motor came out of the car. Ryan was wearing his INTERSECTION CONNECTION shirt he just made up as well. That was a connection. Ryans knee was hurting and Rick had a small cut. What happened with me in the race was going into turn 3, Bill Shavlik ran into me and knocked my car into neutral which you will here on the in car camera video, I then tried to move up the track to get out of the way and Scott Goetzke was going around me which I didnt see, We joked before the race about hitting eachother and me getting even from the beginning of the year, I never knew he was there. He then slammed me a few times before spinning out and hitting the rollover ramp. I would have done the same thing to him if the tables were turned there so I understood why he hit me back. I then pulled up next to him at the start finish line. We talked and I explained what happened in my car. Scott understood and we shook hands. No big deal there. Its funny now cause everyone thought myself and Scott were fighting but we were really just talking about what actually happened and getting on the same page. I want to thank everyone that was a fan of the cop car. I will most likely not be driving it next year and it is sold. I know pretty much everyone just likes the car and doesnt even know who I am so you will be happy to know it will be coming back as the cop car next year, just with a different driver. It was a blast and I might do this again in the future but for now I'm done. I want to thank my sponsors that have been with me from the beginning of me racing. Guerndt's Bar in St. Lawrence, Keiths Marina, Kettle Moraine Properties (Bob Hart) P.W. Walsh, Race and Street Graphics and Daves Lanes of Hartford. Figure 8's are a blast and it is a testament to the safety equipment in race cars that with a wreck like what happened in this video, they can walk away. Thank You again.... Brandon Wolf.

2011 ShadyHill Speedway PureStreet Finale
The final race of the year for the PureStreet class.

10 lap enduro race. Demo cars crashing! Seekonk Speedway
10 lap enduro race. Demo cars crashing! Seekonk Speedway

Old Street Stock Crashes
some old street stock crashes and a few old modified crashes

WSCC - Outlaw Stock Car Club Championship Race 2014 - TB Race VIdeos
full race footage from Warton's Outlaw Stock Cars in there 2014 Club Championship race. Race results were - 271, 491, 282, 37, 954, 19, 23, 672

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