6.0 2500HD Flowmaster 40 series

warm start with new dual chamber muffler. 4x18 tips rest of truck is stock except for throttle body spacer. video doesnt really do any justice. The sound is so much deeper in person ... big step up from before... i have an old vid i will upload later.

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2005 Silverado 2500HD 6.0L Super 44s
warm start on a winter day, stock manifolds, Magnaflow Hi-Flow cats, 3" duals H piped, Super 44 Flowmasters, 4"x12" Magnaflow SS tips. mufflers part #943046, tips part #35116

Silverado 2500HD Flowmaster Super 44 True Dual
I just got true dual Flowmaster Super 44s put on my 2003 Silverado 2500HD. Here is the first video. The camera sound does not do it justice. These are LOUD. I watched a lot of videos on here to decide on these. I would HIGHLY recommend them. The whole set up cost $500.

Flowmaster 40 series 2500 6.0l
this is my 1999 silverado 2500. 6.0l engine with a few mods to it. my most recent is a true dual flowmaster 40 series 2.25 inch Exhaust system with rolled 3.5x15 s.s. tips. sorry about the video... took it with my phone because my cousin broke my camera... upon request ill get my camera fixed and post better vids... this video does NO JUSTICE to the sound!

Flowmaster 50 HD Silverado 2500HD 6.0
Flowmaster catalog number 853558 Truck also has an AFE drop in air filter which may add a little to the sound.