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LA Auto Show 2016 - Electric Porsche, Microbus & Ghia
Join David as he takes a look at our new Tesla battery powered Porsche 911, VW Karmann Ghia and some of the newest all-electric cars at the 2016 Los Angeles Auto Show. #LAautoShow

Electric Car For Sale - Karmann Ghia - 1968 by Volkswagen
1968 Karmann Ghia Electric Vehicle - Fully restored! "To date, the best range has been 52 miles on a full charge driving @ 50 mph in 2nd gear. A 3.-50 mile range is a more realistic estimate of what I've been averaging per charge." To see details about the conversion, see my website at or email me at Thanks for watching!

Electric Karmann Ghia Conversion First Test Run
First test run of an electric conversion Karmann Ghia. 120v Braille battery bank. Synkro Motive controller.

1971 Volkswagen Electric Karmann Ghia (SOLD)
THIS VEHICLE IS FOR SALE. Click "Show More" for more information! Call us - 636-600-4600 Visit our Showroom - 2340 Cassens Dr. St. Louis MO 63026 WE BUY CARS! 1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia Electric Car California Fiberfab Aztec 7 Car Roque Haines build (engineer for Johnson Space Center) 100% Electric powered Economic and environmental advantaged MotoeXotica Classic Cars is pleased to present this unique and one of a kind custom Electric 1971 Volkswagen Karmann Ghia re-bodied using a Fiberfab Aztec 7. This is a forward thinking blend of german technology, aerodynamic sport gull-wing design, and economical Electric power…what a find! The deep Satin Black paint job shows well with only minor imperfections visible upon close inspection. All trim is present and in good condition along with some tasteful pieces added to complete the custom look. Inside, the black fiberglass race seats with a red and black seat cover, look great with no major signs of wear visible. Both door panels and padded dash are finished to mirror the stealth look of the car. The car was designed very well inside, and the feeling of being in a cockpit, with buttons overhead, and easy reach of driver controls makes it a blast to drive. Being Green isn’t the only statement you make while driving this Electro-Ghia! This car is the end product and tested prototype of Roque Haines’ Electric Aztec 7 Project, a project which he completed while working as an engineer at the Johnson Space Center. The chassis is from a 1971 Karmann Ghia. In order to accept the electric conversion and the new skin, the vehicle was stripped down to the bare chassis and then new suspension, shocks and coils, linkage, gearbox, were installed to accommodate the battery weight and steering complications. Disc brakes were installed on front and rear to handle stopping the vehicle. A clutchless motor interface , was fabricated to use with the 4-speed rear transaxle transmission. Completely new 12V wiring, LEDs used for the signal and taillights and new overhead control switches installed. Low-profile performance tires and 19″ Lamborghini-style alloy rims. A 120V DC motor running off main battery pack runs an air conditioning compressor and rear-view camera with a dash-mounted LCD monitor and a high quality CD/MP3/IPOD sound system keeps you company. The battery pack consists of 15 Trojan T-875 8V, lead acid, flooded 170AH deep-cycle batteries that produce 120V and give a 128V traction pack. The 19hp single-shaft Advanced Wound DC motor, Curtis 72 120V 400A controller, on-board Zivan NG3 charger and Elcon DC Converter complete the electrical power and recharging systems. An independent 12V battery was added to run the accessories. All of the batteries are located outside of the Dynamat-wrapped cabin, and a steel roll bar was fabricated around the rear battery pack to serve as a rear bumper. The original Fiberfab body has been modified extensively, this body design was loosely based on the Carabo, a concept car designed by Bertone for Alfa Romeo. The Fiberfab body was also modified to allow it to open up for easy access to the batteries and electric drive components. The hood was modified to be one-piece and pivot open to the front. The rear was modified to fold back in one piece from the rear window and pivot over the rear wheels. This is a true rare find, about 50 cents in electricity produces a full charge form the battery pack. Transformation from sports car to super custom sports car rarely goes as smooth as it has with this EV… GET OUT AND DRIVE!!! Check out our other Karmann Ghia found on the site. Current mileage on the odometer shows 25,391 it is sold as is and is mileage exempt. The car is being sold on a clean & clear title. It should be noted that the batteries are not new and are untested. VIN: 1412863893