Ball bearing turbos rule

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Masterpower 70mm ball bearing turbo for sale
70/65 .68 4 in inlet 2.5 outlet 3in v band Exhaust 500 shipped

Loud Turbos: Spool Up & Blow Off
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67mm fun

Journal Bearing turbo vs Ball bearing turbo- quick video ( td05-20g vs gtx2867r )
Hi all! This is just a very quick, non scientific video, illustrating the differences in response between a journal bearing turbo and a ball bearing turbo. The journal bearing turbo is a Kinugawa TD05H-20G,the ball bearing turbo is a Garrett GTX2867R. I basically show the friction differences when spinning the turbine wheel by hand, and with a compressed air can. You can clearly see that the ball bearing turbo spins up faster and keeps spinning longer after the air stops. It's clearly going to be a much more responsive turbo, and the 20g isn't exactly what I would call very laggy to begin with. I currently have an upgraded version of the 20g installed on my car, and the GTX ball bearing turbo is getting installed in a couple of weeks. In this test, both turbos are fully drained of oil and coolant other than whatever residual oil is left inside. Yes, I know that journal bearing turbos require constant oil pressure for optimal performance, however ball bearing turbos require lubrication as well, so the bearings don't seize up or get overheated and warped. Both turbos are equally disadvantaged in this non-scientific test. You can fill both turbos with oil, repeat this test all day long, and the end result will be the same 100 out of 100 times. An equally sized ball bearing turbo will always have less turbo lag, and hit peak Boost faster than a journal bearing turbo. Simply put- by reducing friction, you improve efficiency. Check out my build thread here: