2006 STi 20g-xt 30-130mph

361 awhp STI having fun going through the gears on a safe, secluded road. 20g-xt, FMIC, some bolt ons, cobb Dynotuned @ 19psi

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✅ Revelation 12 The Great Sign & Movements of Jupiter l Pentecost possible l September 23 2017
Short but necessary video, discussing how many are talking about Jupiter exiting Virgo for an extended period of time, the possibility of a 2017 Pentecost rapture and what the revealing of "The Dragon" drawing a 1/3 of the stars may actually be! I'm not saying this is 100% accurate, but is the first showing of what resonated with me (not sold on planet x or google sky infrared vision) Thank you to Daniel Valles for his ministry and take on the dragon. While we may not agree on all things, we do agree we love our creator and our fellow brothers and sisters. Catch up or refresh your memory on what we are discussing; the Revelation 12 alignment on September 23 2017 ( 9-23-17 ) explained in 15 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ot0cPU9MIOQ&t=2s

Addendum to Revelation 12 Jupiter exits and the Dragon. 9 23 2017
Addendum to the last video on 5-22-17

✅ Revelation 12 and the 144 Days prior l Do not doubt my brothers and sisters! 9 23 2017
Just another "Off the hip" type of message, discussing the odds of the alignment, feelings about how close it is and going back to the basics of what comprises this "Great Wonder". 9-23-17 is getting close and by the time this uploads at evening time, 144 days are left. Revelation 12 Sign in 15 Minutes https://youtu.be/ot0cPU9MIOQ Revelation 12 sign and answering 7 questions from a skeptic. https://youtu.be/tjBmLY-qamU Please visit Scott Clarke for further study https://www.youtube.com/user/eternalrhythmflow

✅ Revelation 12 l 8 21 17 Eclipse Update and timeline quick update 9 23 17
Just a quick channel update; to include info about the solar eclipse and 7 seals timing. Revelation 12 sign in 15 minutes https://youtu.be/ot0cPU9MIOQ