JR Supercharged CRX - what a noise

A couple of laps of Curbrough, a small sprint circuit. Outside camera view

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Nurburgring Nordschleife, Honda CRX and an angry driver - 8:32 -
One of the best laps of this year's trip at the Green Hell, slowed down by presumptuous VERY SLOW bikers. Data recorded with RaceChrono on Galaxy Nexus. BTG time 8:32.2 Honda CRX ED9, 140HP D16A9, ADVAN A048 - PAGID - BILSTEIN

Some Runs In A Supercharged CRX
Supercharger crx low Boost

NESVT Autocross 91 CRX Supercharged 340WHP
New England SVT Autocross Ft. Devens. Brian drives amazing coming in first FWD by 4 seconds and just off 1st overall.

Honda Crx Turbo 500+
Honda CRX turbo