ROTARY 20b 6.700@204mph Pac Performance

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the real reasons why Pac Performance team will be offended. Here all the answers.
they believed to be the kings of the world but they were exposed. thanks to a photo that they showed in their facebook page knew the truth! THE GAME IS OVER for them!

Pac Performance New World Record 6.47 @ 222 Mph | World's Fastest Rotary
Here it is, Factory Xtreme at its best! George from Pac Performance runs all new World Record at the 2013 FUCHS Winternationals! Don't think it will be long before this beast runs a 6.30! Rotary s have now crept up to the Piston engines in FX! Wont be long! What are your thoughts on a Rotary Powered vehicle being the Worlds Fastest Compact Car? Leave your comments below.

Rotorg33k RX3 Takes on the V8s at APSA ETZV8S
Little bro steers our car into the SEMI s at APSA to break out with a 8.8 ET on a 8.9 Dial in.. I will keep the videos coming soon, as most of you know i am battling an eye condition and working double time to get better so that i can hopefully steer our RX3 again! special thanks to all our sponsors!! we have one mean fighting machine!! Next event is Jamboree, i will miss it this year as i will be in the US undergoing another clinical trial that will hopefully give me most of my vision back. My Stem Cell treatment will be on ABC tomorrow night if any one wants to watch it. ABC 1 Head First | Stem Cell Highway | 830PM | 16th of July

Pac Performance 'The Godfather' 20B RX3 Testing 18/02/15
First time back at the track in almost 2 years after a full rebuild, Sam 'The Godfather' Sadek wasted no time getting right back into it.. Running back to back 7.1 ETs like it's nothing... Bring on Sydney Jamboree If you would like to be notified every time we upload a video then make sure you subscribe and click the bell icon next to the subscription button. Get your Pac Merchandise: Shop on our Online Store: Follow us on social media pages - Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: