SVRE 482 Big Block Ford 9500 rpms

Steve Vance Racing Engines 482 Big Block Ford 1100hp @ 9000 rpms. 7000-9500 rpm test sweep. Single Barry Grant king demon carb. Barrys carb- not the new Holley version...

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78 Ford Big Block Crankin' Some RPMS!
Please watch: "BADDEST DOT TIRES ON THE PLANET??? JEEP XJ 9" SWAP TEST MAXXIS TREPADORS" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- Shawn's 1978 Short Bed Ford Mud Truck Singin' A Sweet Tune, 35" N Under Waddy Mud Bog RD1 8-13-11 Be Sure To Like Us On Facebook @ Are you interested in buying an aircraft?

1100 HP Big Block Ford 605 CID Race Engine Dyno Test Engine Dyno test on BBF 605 Stroker Race Engine. Race engines are avaliable for purchase by visiting our web site. Perfect for drag race, mud bog race,truck pulling, or any motorsports.

Comp Eliminator Screaming at 9,600 rpm on the Dyno
This is a 510 cubic inch big block Chevy built by our friends at Westech Perforamnce that will compete in NHRA's Comp Eliminator. Watch as this engine screams all the way up to 9,600 rpm on the Dyno. Also, keep an eye on the distributor, which had to be retightened after the run.

Cosworth V8 at 20,000rpm
F1 engine at 20,000rpm. Now against the rules as the limit is 19,000rpm.