KLZE Spring acceleration (0-210km/h)

Mazda mx-3 KLZE KL31 heads, Kl01 cams, shitty Exhaust, no cold air intake..

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KL-ZE outside sound
kl-ze outside sound

Mazda MX3 KLZE dyno
193,3HP@6780rpm 225,1Nm@4935rpm

klze head gasket gone ??
is it my head gasket or wat is it ? ther is somehwat white smoke coming out of the tail pipe and im runngin low on coolant fast also lost alot of power, it only feels like it drives with 50 hp or just 2 cylinders the loud tapping/knocking is just the k&n airfilter trying to suck up air at such a low rpm but when i rev the engine u can hear the unique ticking noise form a mazda prob from missing a lil bit of oil lemme know what u guys think

Mx3 Klze acceleration
No muffler,headers,colt 210 cams,Exhaust,and chip ecu!