KLZE Spring acceleration (0-210km/h)

Mazda mx-3 KLZE KL31 heads, Kl01 cams, shitty Exhaust, no cold air intake..

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KL-ZE outside sound
kl-ze outside sound

KLZE in tunnel
Mx3autozam's mx3 in Thorold Tunnel

KLZE MX-3 - Around the block
Driving a klze 2.5 mx3. Headers, Fuel pressure reg, crane cams ignition, external coil, under drive pulley, wonky tach, heavy 17's, 2.5 ss Exhaust, high flow cat & resonator. Camera did not pick up sound well.

94" Mazda MX-3 2.5v6 KL-ZE Supercharger - STORY
My story about my seven-year journey with old mx-3 mazda :)