2013 Subaru Outback vs. 2013 Toyota Venza All-Wheel Drive Traction Test—AMCI Testing Certified

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Toyota Venza 2013 "Две Лошадиные Силы"
Для украинских "прерий" Toyota Venza - достаточно редкий зверь, и это не удивительно. В первую очередь он предназначался для США. Но мир становится глобальнее, а клиенты становятся похожими друг на друга, не в последнюю очередь своими размерами. Итак сегодня у нас в гостя Toyota Venza.

2011 Honda Crosstour vs Subaru Outback / Тест-драйв
Наши Тесты - Авто плюс / Honda Crosstour и Subaru Outback Ведущий: Андрей Леонтьев ________________________Subaru Outback____________Honda Crosstour Рабочий объем______________3,6 л______________________3,5 л Мощность__________________ 249 л.с____________________275 л.с Крутящий момент____________350 Н.м___________________ 339 Н.м Макс. скорость______________ 230 км/ч__________________ 190 км/ч Разгон 0-100км/ч_____________7,5 сек____________________8,9 сек Расход топлива______________10 л______________________11,2 л http://www.autoplustv.ru/

Toyota Venza comparison against Subaru Outback by Kevin Kerth
Kevin Kerth from http://www.miltonmartintoyota.com provides a competitive comparison with the 2013 Toyota Venza against the 2013 Subaru Outback. Kevin highlights the major differences between the vehicles and tells you many of the advantages of owning the Toyota Venza such as: free ToyotaCare, 12 more horse power, comes standard with an automatic transmission, better fuel economy, longer wheel base for a smoother ride, dual climate control, one touch auto windows, heated outside mirrors, blind spot monitors, and more cargo space over the Subaru Outback. For questions or to schedule a test drive, call 770-532-4355.

Subaru AWD vs. Everyone Else
This video was a recap for Subaru Sales Associates and affiliates that participated in a driving event pitting Subaru against its core competition. These tests were repeated thousands of times, with the the Sales Associates experiencing each event for themselves. This was NOT meant for public consumption and is therefore not a propaganda video. This video was a review for those people who experienced this driving event themselves. All vehicles were stock, had stability and traction control enabled if equipped, and were operated using the manufacturer's recommended tire pressures. While this video depicts individual instances,these tests were performed thousands of timeswith thousands of participants over a period of two months. The intended audience of this video experienced first hand the documented results.