how to make your car fast and the furious

first off this is a joke so quit saying "oh you wasted 3:47 of my life", walk through video of making you car sound good

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Cleetus "Twin Turbskies" T-Shirts - Welp... all videos don't come out perfect, and that's exactly what happened here :/ Check out the video and you'll see what happened. We were just out there doing it for Dale, had a good time none the less! P.S. - Waiting on parts for my RAM, and the shifter kart will be in a video next week :) Cooper's YouTube -

Coca-Cola Zorst
Who needs a $300 zorst when you can use an empty Coke bottle?

Install Stainless Steel Chrome Muffler Tip
Ebay item description: Vehicle Stainless Steel Round Rolled Chrome Exhaust Muffler Tip , CALIBER 7.6cm Seller: 11kuangyan

How to make your CAR the LOUDEST! (DIY INSANE Exhaust sound)
Sorry for uploading late...well now in this video i have shown how can you modify your car sound into a supercar sound! it takes 0$ to do that and you can DO IT YOURSELF & then have the loudest car in your town. Yo Guys I just made my insta: so follow me right on to get Closer!!! Previous Car video :