14mm Head Studs for the Nissan VQ35-VQ37

Big studs for big horsepower. See how 14mm studs are installed on a Nissan 350Z VQ-35 engine block. John Edwards @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine shop describes how he does it on his Bridgeport mill. Its a rather lenghty process but is required for highly Boosted engine. (949) 631-6376 Don't forget to 'Click' and SUBSCRIBE.

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Nissan VQ 37 Block Clearancing for Stroker Crankshaft
Watch as John Edwards @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine clearances a Nissan VQ-37 block for a 4,2 liter stroker crankshaft. (949) 631-6376 Don't forget to 'Click' and SUBSCRIBE.

Project Import: 350Z/G35 oil consumption fix/ Oil Catch Can Kit
VQ35 motors PCV system have been found to suck oil into intake manifold. When engine is modified to make more power the increased crankcase pressure allows the possibility of more oil getting into intake manifold. Oil sucked into intake manifold will get into combustion chamber causing fuel dilution, increased compression which will increase knock numbers. This kit is designed to remove PCV valve, and route it to a breather tank. Then route the factory breather hose also to a breather tank. This kit will help relieve built up crank case pressure from lightly modified VQ35 motors. Also removing the possibility of oil getting into intake manifold from PCV valve. The kit comes with one PI PCV Valve Delete Fitting including OEM o-ring, one catch tank for atmospheric breathing, all hardware to mount tank, two -8 AN hoses, one -8 to barb adapter, hardware to mount one hose to firewall, and two vacuum cap for the intake manifold port and one for the suction point on the intake. PCV valve's are controlled vacuum leaks for engines. The removal of PCV valve will change the idle speed of the engine and the air fuel ratio. Suggested to perform ECU idle air volume relearning and have tuning of ECU checked. FITTING IS FOR OFF ROAD USE AND MAY NOT BE LEGAL IN YOUR STATE. FITTING IS NOT A GUARANTEED FIX OF YOUR OIL CONSUMPTION. This kit is meant for NA and most turbo setups, WILL NOT FIT on any supercharged setups to our knowledge. This product can be purchased on our website at: http://projectimport.com/store/pi-350z-g35-vq35de-and-revup-nissan-infiniti -oil-catch-can-kit/

350z VQ35DE Twin Turbo Engine Build
Slideshow and Video of my engine build from 2008 in my 2006 350z. *update* Over 75K miles on my build @ 650whp and still running strong.

CNC Cylinder Head Repairs
15D CNC Ported Racer Pro Hd Repairs . These Hds are Australian designed . They flow as good as any 15D hd and are a superb casting for modifying.