How to unlock hidden e60 5 series sport mode button more how to writeups, review, and purchase cables. in this video i show you how to unlock the hidden sport mode feature on the e60 5 series BMW. This requires no coding, and once the cable is installed, should allow you to activate the sport feature which you can see by SPORT showing up in the cluster. very noticeable difference and make the ride a whole lot better. this was done on a 2004 BMW 525i automatic non-sport. cable is pretty simple to make, for easy video purpose i just ran a long cable, but can be installed anywhere. results may vary as i only tested on my e60, so i can only vouch for first hand testing on my own vehicle. PLEASE use this video as a guide, i assume no responsibility for any damage done doing this mod. any questions comment below, like and subscribe if you found this video helpful. If you'd like me to make you a cable, email me at now up on ebay item number# 301834533427

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E60 5 Series, how to access hidden menu
Just a quick run down on how to actually get into the hidden menu. Other info on what you can do once here can be found at various places/forums on the net....

BMW iDrive Hidden Secret Menu howto:
The iDrive system in many BMW cars has a hidden back end that can be access through the navi wheel. there is a lot of information in here, most of which i dont actually understand but i'll be showing you how to access it anyway. This should work with all iDrive systems from around 2003 upwards.

How to enter hidden menu in BMW E60 E61 OBC (diagnostic service mode 5 series)
BMW E60 & E61 hidden menu (5 series) gives access to OBC service tests useful when diagnosing issues with your car. Check all indicators and displays, perform needle sweep, read raw data from various sensors and adjust trip computer options. More at Music by Dan-O at

How to check Engine Temperature in BMW E60
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