Tips and Hints on Painting Calipers with G2 Paint System

Painting calipers on my FG2 (2007 Honda Civic Si) and I learned some valuable lessons, hopefully this can help someone else. Don't panic if you get paint on the calipers, it wasn't a big deal. Just clean it off afterward using the included brake cleaner spray, it comes off the rotor pretty easily. If it's stubborn just take a razor blade to it which will definitely get it off. It goops up pretty easily. I tried to use thin coats initially but there are so many pits and grooves on the caliper that painting it was tedious, so I started using large goops which made painting quicker, but more clumsy. I mixed the reactor around 2:30pm and I finished painting around 6pm. I checked the paint again around 7:30pm and I could still mix it around, but it was starting to get goopy. Still possible to use it to paint after 5 hours, but it will definitely be harder to work with. Try to get your painting done in 4 hours or less.

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How to paint your calipers
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G2 Blue Brake Caliper Paint Mixing and Application
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Brake caliper paint diy Audi S4
A tutorial that shows an inexpensive diy to paint brake calipers. All told the entire job took about 30 minutes a caliper. I preheater both the caliper and paint w/a hairdryer, and also made sure to scrub the caliper leaving no oils or residue to interfere with the application. Product list: Brakleen, Wirebrush,Painters paper, painters tape, and Duplicolor Brake caliper paint(red)

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