2000 Audi S4 Eurotuner cover car

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500 hp Audi S4 quattro vs 12"+ of fresh snow! Unstoppable...
Last night we enjoyed a great winter storm, well over 12" (30 cm) at my house. I wanted to see if my lowered Audi S4 on Dunlop Wintersport 4D snow tires was up to the task going through such deep snow. A guest appearance is made by my 6 hp Subaru powered Ariens Snowblower (mostly unstoppable).

2000 Audi S4 Video Stage 3
Stage 3 F21 Audi S4

2000 audi s4 st2 3" full turbo back exhaust
3 inch full, no cats, no resonators, no nothing, just 3 inch straight pipe from turbos to the back. stock K03 turbos.

2000 S4 SRM K24's VS 2001 S4 Tial650R
My buddy and I did some 3rd gear highway pulls. MY cars specs are stock block SRM K24 turbos, 550cc injectors, SRM Intercoolers, SSAC Twin2 no cat Exhaust, Devils own WM kit, 25psi on 91oct with a German Elite Tuning tune My Buddy's car is a 2001 with a Built 2.8L motor, 2.8 cylinder heads, SSAC Exhaust manifolds, Tial 650R turbo kit, APR downpipes with cats to a 3 inch custom Exhaust, ER Intercoolers, RS4 injectors for now, unknown clutch that cant hold more than 22psi, custom roll cage, 22psi 91oct with a German Elite Tuning Tune its summer here in AZ so it was 101F when we did these pulls.