BLOWN VK commodore at formal BURNOUT - VK671 burnout king

blown vk ripping a HUGE burnout for bankstown formal

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VK 671 Wedding Burnout
Congrats guys A Burnout just for you

Kingrove boiiz formalll
Our toyys

Flinty460 was lucky enough to get a first look at Dean Irvine's awesome Supercharged LSA VK Commodore "BLOWN VK". Check out the video for a full feature on the car including a cool Driveway Skid, Driver Interview and Dean's first competitive skid in the car. Unfortunately the car stripped the Blower Belt at Skidfest cutting the Burnout short, easy fix and the car is ready to go again with a new Belt and pulley change already on the car.. Vehicle Specifications: Make: Holden Model: VK Commodore Engine: Standard Stroke LSA, 20Amp Mag Blown: 8/71 Littelfield Hat: Carbon Fibre JBR Gearbox: Transmission Specialities 2 Speed Glide Convertor: Fremantle Torque Convertor Diff: 9 inch - 3.08 Gears - 35 Spline Axles Mods: Custom Engine Bay, Mini-Tubbed, 4-Link Rear Dean would like to thank the following people for all their help with the car: - Firstly the wife for understanding my passion for cars and for cooking us the most awesome dinners in the shed why we build unreal drag and burnout cars. Some people only get to dream of doing this so we defiantly know how lucky we are! - HUGE THANKS to my old man and Rapid Crushing for allow me to keep going with a sport I love and without the continuous support I would never have achieved what I have today. - Mates Mat TSM (Moto) and Jayden for the hours and hours you guys have put in and I'm keen as to do the same when your ready to build a car. - Johnny, Alex and Cyril from Outerlimitz Spray painting for prepping and painting the car at mine after hours and it was some long hrs put in (ok one night I fell asleep in the shed on the couch while you painted the car haha). - My Brother for the car.

Funeral burnouts in honor of murder victim, Hawk Point, Missouri
Hundreds of friends and family members of Jeffrey "Smitty" Smith showed up at his funeral in their hot rods and muscle cars. The mourners stopped in front of his business, where he was murdered, on their way to the cemetery to do burnouts to honor Smith. Here is a link to the story in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch