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Abandoned gas station - urban exploring
Not sure why on the side of the building it says Sunoco, because no where else anywhere on the property did it say Sunoco. Judging by the "must be born on ...

Virtual tour: Chevrolet bus in junkyard
tour of a retired 1995 chevy short bus by thomas at a you pull it junkyard.

wrecked 96 Ford Probe GT
Filmed August 11th 2012. the 96 and 97 Probe GT's are very rare cars, with under 6000 of them in existence. this color, Gray Green metallic, is very rare.

Genssi 5000k HID kit test
my 2001 dodge intrepid R/T with a 5000k HID kit by GENSSI. highly recommend this kit, its only $40 bucks. Not plastic shit like most, its all metal. very high ...