Wheeler Racing's Burt Munro Special Turbocharged Harley Davidson Superglide

The turbocharger on Wheeler Racing's Burt Munro Special Harley Davidson Dyna Super Glide is HUGE, but it works. You get a pretty good look at it in this video. This bike set 2 land speed records at the Bonneville salt flats. More info at raycwheeler.com

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Sears Allstate Compact Scooter Made By Puch
Back when people bought everything from the Sears catalog, you could even order yourself a scooter. This Sears Allstate scooter was made by Puch and sold for $279. The Allstate Compact Scooter makes 3.9 horsepower, goes 42 mph and gets 100 miles per gallon. It has a 2-stroke engine and 3 speed transmission. Ths Particular Allstate Compact Scooter was resored by Dave Perewitz for Allstate Insurance to use at motorcycle shows.

Custom 2011 Honda Shadow VT750S Scrambler and Dirt Tracker Motorcycles
Honda had some really neat custom Honda Shadows on display at the motorcycle show. One was painted silver and red and had high chrome pipes, looking like a modern version of the 1967 Honda CL77 Scrambler. It was custom built by Denny Berg for Cobra Exhaust pipe company, and the high pipes look great. You can see a full write up and test drive in the February 2011 Rider Magazine. The other was a really nice dirt-track-racer styled Honda Shadow, looking like Bubba Shobert's National Championship Winning Honda RS750 flat tracker. The 2011 Honda Shadow VT750 you can actually buy from the dealer is a nice bike as well, available with the red white and blue gas tank design. The bars are flatter, and the footpegs are higher than the other Shadows, which makes it more of a sporty bike, to compete with Harley Davidson's Sportster. The Shadow VT750 makes 42 horsepower and 45 foot pounds of torque. I like it. It has a sporty classic look, and it's obviously a Honda, with the classic winged logo on the red white and blue tank. I wish Honda would sell the CL77 Scrambler version at the dealership. It's a beautiful retro bike.

$199 JVC Everio 1080i HD Video Camera Test Review Model # GZ-HM320BU
This is test video I shot with my $220 Refurbished JVC Everio GZ-HM320BU 1080i video camera. I start out shooting HD video in a dark barn and then I take the video camera out into the sunlight and try some different things. I bought this video camera Refurbished from Woot.com for $220 a few months ago. You can get it for $199 refurbished on Amazon now, and the price will probably get cheaper as time goes by. The JVC Everio GZ-HM320BU 1080i video camera performs well and is a great bargain. It has a 20x optical zoom and a 200x digital zoom and anti-shake technology built in, along with time-lapse mode and face recognition. It's very small and light, and you can set it to shoot in resolutions lower than 1080p if you want to. It shoots half an hour of 1080p video on its built-in memory, and it has a slot for an SD card if you want to add memory for more video. If you want to see other samples of this camera's performance, you can watch my recent videos which are in HD. Look for the HD logo next to the video. This video was shot all in one take in AVCHD format and uploaded to YouTube in AVCHD format. I mention this so you know that the video quality or format weren't changed by an editing program. Quality may be effected by YouTube's conversion process. I have no control over that. It plays smooth and clear on the camera. You'll want to set the resolution on YouTube to 1080i when watching this video to get the full effect. I really like this little JVC Everio GZ-HM320BU 1080i video camera and I am happy I bought it.

Petting and Feeding Sharks at the SEA Lab in Redondo Beach, California
The SEA Lab in Redondo Beach, California has a great program which teaches kids about sea life. They get to feed and pet sharks and meet lots of other sea creatures and learn about them. It's a great place to take a child for a day to learn about ocean creatures, whether that child is interested in being a marine biologist or not. I haven't gone swimming in the ocean since I shot this video. You can learn more at http://www.lacorps.org/sealab.php