Nissan powered MGB running

Got the MG running. Car is a 79 MGB powered by a ka24de out of a 96 Nissan 240sx.

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MGB GT de 1976

Robert's V8 MGB startup
"79 MG-B with a base 3.9L Rover V8 out of a Land Rover Discovery. Using ford cologne v6 pistons, rover 3.5 rods, and a Buick 300 crank the displacement now resides that 4,995cc. The heads are from a 4.0(same as a 4.6 and the 'best' stock heads) - and my father and myself spent about 40hours porting and polishing them(aftermarket heads are out of my budget at about $3500). Compression is 10.5:1, a mild crower cam(power from 1300-5500), 14CUX fuel injection + chipped for the displacement increase, equal length headers, dual 2.25" all the way back, blueprinted/balanced, lightened flywheel, and the engine was lowered/moved back 2" for a better center of mass. It has a Mustang t5 transmission w/ adapter plate and its running a hybrid mg/ford 8" rear(MG axle tubes, Ford differential, and ford truck axles re-splined to accept MG hubs) with 3.55:1 gears. Star spec 205's all the way around..."

1969 MGB GT

First drive of the LS1-powered MGB GT!
A big day! The MG came out of the garage for the first time in nearly two years. This is just a "let's make sure it all works" drive. The power steering pump was a bit low on fluid, thus the moaning noise. The brakes were a bit soft but worked - you can see me checking them as I bring the car out of the garage the first time. And yes, there was a good burnout that didn't get caught on camera. The car is a 1972 MGB GT that's been fitted with the engine and transmission from a 1998 Camaro Z28. It's packing somewhere between 350 and 400 hp, has a 6-speed T-56 transmission and a Positraction rear. The front suspension runs on a custom frame and is modeled after a Miata, the rear is a custom three-link setup. At the moment, the car weighs less than 2000 lbs. Please note that while the radiator looks low, it actually fit behind the MG Special Tuning airdam that is not fitted. It's since been replaced with a more efficient radiator that isn't quite as deep, mostly for better cooling. For more information: