Donzi 43 ZR @ 110mph vs. Sea-Doo RXP-X @ 70mph

Donzi 43 ZR (Triple Mercury Racing 700s) Out in Charlotte Harbour. Sea-Doo wanted to play.

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Donzi 43 ZR powerboat floated and fired-up at Penarth Marina
The Donzi 43 was lowered into the water by Penarth Quay Marina staff and prepared for service by Wigmore Wright Her twin supercharged Mercury racing engines are installed in staggered formation powering twin NXT SSM racing outdrives. Special additives were added to the tanks before the tanks were each filled with around 560 litres of gasoline. The boat has to be spun around to refuel the port-side tank.. Careful with the audio levels when owner Paul Smith calls"Fire in the hole" and starts the engines . The twin 700 SCi units are equipped with the Mercury Propulsion Control Module (PCM) 07 microprocessors. Each has a 3.3 Litre Lysholm screw-type Supercharger, roller camshaft and sequential fuel injection . The engines deliver peak performance between 4800-5200 rpm and the boat is capable of speeds in excess of 100 mph.

'09 Donzi 38ZR w/ 700s
Speeding home at nearly 100mph!!! (4:08) It was smooth sailing. Thanks Kurt . Enjoy. (Twin 700hp engines) (PART 3) n.jpg

Donzi Miami Vice Trailer and Promo - Jay Z & Linkin Park Numb Encore
Miami Vice Donzi trailer and Donzi Promotional Music Video... Through a special agreement with Universal Studios and director Michael Mann, Donzi Marine was proclaimed the Official Boat of Miami Vice. three Donzi boat models were featured in the film: a 38 ZF, a 38 ZR (Black), and a 43 ZR (Blue). Prior to the movies release, Donzi boats launched an ambitious media campaign touting its involvement in Miami Vice. Donzis Miami Vice ads ran in all major boating publications, and Donzi boats made headlines in USA Today, the Baltimore Sun, the Miami Herald, and several boating magazines.

Sweet 16 Donzi with V8 meets big block Donzi zx 22
Sweet 16 Donzi with V8 meets big block Donzi zx 22