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2012 CBR 250r TOP SPEED
149KPH/92MPH Bike is completely stock

2012 Honda CBR 250R Install of Lowering Links and Exhaust
I am preparing for my first time riding a streetbike. Unfortunately I am a very small human, so the smallest streetbike on the market is too big for me. I cannot sit on my newly acquired Honda CBR250R and touch the ground. Thankfully, Soupy's makes a lowering kit specifically for this bike. This is the installation video for the Soupy's Lowering Kit for the Honda CBR250R. I also installed an aftermarket Exhaust, the Yoshimura TRC Slip-On. Before and after Exhaust sound. I ended up with the lowest setting possible, barely any suspension travel. But this is ok since I only plan on riding in a parking lot at low speeds. I plan on bringing up the suspension as I go along. I need to purchase a new kick stand though. :/

2012 Honda Cbr250r Review
It's just showing you the main points of the bike and how it sounds like a moped on steroids. Here is a video of me driving it down our road so you can see how it sounds

2012 honda cbr250r review
I do a quick review of my bike * Only mod on the bike so far is a leo vince Exhaust, more changes coming, stay tuned